Does the Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3 support VMs with hardware device passthrough for VMs?

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Hi I have a Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3 and considering the move to Unraid with this board. Currently I have a 2500K CPU in it but once I update the BIOS a Xeon E3 1270 will be compatible with it. It will draw less power as well be faster and 8 threads compared to the the venerable 2500k's 4.  It also has support for Intels Virtualization technologies. Intel's website says it has support for VT-x and VT-d

One warning note: The 2500k has Intel® HD Graphics 3000, but the Xeon does NOT, and this my be the fly in the ointment. As it doesn't I suspect I cannot use the Motherboards HDMI, in which case I will have to use another GPU as well, making it 3 GPU cards. So much for power savings. The other thing is, this will mean BOTH PCI-e GPU slots will be used for different OS's, and not in a SLI set u like they were made for.

I want to replace several older Windows 98 and an XP system for legacy games, so it dawned on me that I may be able to run both  Windows XP & Windows 98 VMs on it, with hardware pass through to the GPU and audio cards. The MB has 2x legacy PCI slots (legacy GPU and Soundcard on that) as well as PCI-e for a more modern GPU for Windows XP. Looking at the current BIOS Intels virtualization technology is already enabled but there are no BIOS settings for VT-x and VT-d. They are enabled on the CPU, so do you need them on the BIOS as well?

Does anyone know if that can be done? Would like to know before plonking down the cash for the Xeon.

Thank you

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