RM850, Antec 1200 with x4 5-drive ICY Dock hot-swap backplane

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I am moving away from hot-swap on my backup unRAID server to internal hd, mid-tower and larger drives, need to sell my RM850 Zero RPM PSU, Antec 1200 and x4 5-drive ICY Dock backplane bays.


Antec 1200v3 case (no power supply) $250 shipped to US.

ICY Dock DataCage Classic MB455SPF-B $150 each shipped to US.

Corsair RM850 80+ Gold Zero RPM $150 shipped to US.


If you buy the case, docks and PSU I will throw in both SAS controllers for free.


I also have 19 out of 21 WD20E(A/Z)RX drives left for $50 each, if interested please contact me to see how many I have left, have potential buyers.


This is a very elegant 20-drive hot-swap setup, I'm just not into "looks" since I am planning on moving this backup unRAID server to co-location and staying at 40TB.  I had parity drive and cache SSD internal, using x2 SAS 8-port adpaters and 6 internal SATA motherboard.  If you are in Orlando, Florida or close and would like to pickup please contact me for pricing.













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Hello was wondering if you dont have the original 3xHHD cage and the fan+nob+dust filter by any chance, Im down to cover the shipping cost for one + fee (if applicable), as I know the 1200 ones will fit my 903 v3, no longer need the DVD/BD drive or the floppy/memory reader, so will love to fill the empty space with fan cage and make the front look the same, USA-TX if that helps.
side note, tried Antec support but they were no help finding old discontinued Hardware. 

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