Another Supermicro fan control thread

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Hi All,


I just received my 2U Supermicro Ultra 6028U-TR4+ with X10DRU-i+.


Fans are loud even on optimised settings. I've changed it to Optimised in IPMI but they still run at around 4000 RPM and I am getting some serious grief from my SO.


I have looked at a few guides like and 

but I am actually not quite sure how to pass the commands in Unraid.


I know there is an IPMI Tools addin but even after I install that, I SSH in and still cant load and IPMI commands. I also have the IPMI command line tool from Supermicro installed on my PC to try to control it but again, have the same problem. 


Can anyone assist?

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What exactly is the problem? The fan speed is not "locking" in to what you entered? Fans are always spinning high? They are ramping up and down?


Depending on the system fan model, the optimal setting of 30% PWM could be around 4k rpm (~13k max rpm.  I think the original server fans spin pretty fast/loud. Might have to upgrade to slower/quieter ones like the Noctua NF-A8 PWM (2200 max rpm)


May run into the ramping issue when switching. I found this guide ( to be the easiest to follow and may help with the ramping issue.

I installed the IPMI tools on my computer (Mac) and used the following commands:

ipmitool -I lanplus -H IPMI_IP_ADDRESS -U USER_NAME -P USER_PASSWORD sensor list all

where IPMI_IP_ADDRESS is the IP for your IPMI port, USER_NAME is your user name ("Admin"?), and USER_PASSWORD is your password.

That should pull up all of your available sensors like fan speeds, temps, voltages, etc. The headers correspond to: 

Lower Non-Recoverable
Lower Critical
Lower Non-Critical
Upper Non-Critical
Upper Critical
Upper Non-Recoverable

You will want to set the upper and lower fan speed thresholds. The value can be determined by "calculating the lowest and highest angular velocities your fan is rated to run at (check the manufacturer's specs). For instance, [the] Noctua NF-F12 IndustrialPPC 3000 PWM are rated at 750RPM +-20% at the low end, so 600RPM or less is an appropriate lower non-critical threshold value. To get the other values, subtract 100 for the lower critical and 200 for the lower non-recoverable."

Then you can change the desired fan speed thresholds via ipmitool. For example, to change the lower fan speeds for "FAN 1", use:

ipmitool -I lanplus -H IPMI_IP_ADDRESS -U USER_NAME -P USER_PASSWORD sensor thresh "FAN 1" lower *lnr* *lc* *lnc*

Where *lnr* = the Lower Non-Recoverable speed, *lc* = Lower Critical, and *lnc* = Lower Non-Critical speeds.

Similarly, the upper speeds can be calculated and entered using:

ipmitool -I lanplus -H IPMI_IP_ADDRESS -U USER_NAME -P USER_PASSWORD sensor thresh "FAN 1" upper *unr* *uc* *unc*

Where *unr* = the Upper Non-Recoverable speed, *lc* = Upper Critical, and *lnc* = Upper Non-Critical speeds.


Note that the system may round the values to a nearby valid number (e.g., 510 to 500).

To check that the values are sticking, check the values using the first linked code above.

Hopefully this helps!

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