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  1. I think they ship to Canada and this is the last one in stock: https://www.performance-pcs.com/lian-li-ex-36a2-sata-hdd-internal-rackmount-kit-for-4-x-3-5-2-x-2-5-hdd-bays.html
  2. What processor are you using? Does your motherboard have IPMI?
  3. If you want an integrated front fan filter, you pretty much lose the hotswap option (unless you choose that less than ideal Icy Dock option which has plenty of issues). Lian Li, however, has in the past made several hard drive cages that have vibration absorbing grommets, front fan filters, and can hold at least 4 HDD’s with some also holding 2 SSD’s. The EX-36B1 is a good representation. There are plenty of variations, costs aren’t too bad, and it might take some hunting on your part but they should be great for what you are looking for. https://www.amazon.com/Lian-Li-EX-36B1-Black-Rack/dp/B004K1HD9G
  4. Got any pics to show us exactly what you did? I’m having trouble understanding how you fit more than one of those cages in your R5.
  5. 8th gen (Coffee Lake) iGPU is fully supported. 9th Gen is not but should be when UnRAID moves to 6.8.x.
  6. I'm looking at the same processor for my build later this year/early next year. It's just a little outside my price range and the E-2146G would probably be way more than enough for me but all that power of the E-2278G is just hard to pass up. I too would use it primarily for Plex QuickSync transcoding but that depends on two big things happening between now and when I buy it. 1. Plex needs to make the 9th gen QuickSync work in Plex on Linux. From what I've read on the Plex forums, it appears that this could be happening soon but who knows how long "soon" is. Could be a month or could be more than 6 months. 2. Unraid needs to move to 6.8.x which will be on a Linux kernel later than 4.19. I knows this is going to happen in the near future but the team here never gives out deadlines or roadmaps, so it could be another couple of months or longer. Hopefully, in the next 6 months, those two issues get resolved. That will definitely make my decision a lot harder. Right now, though, if I was to do a build, it would be the E-2146G, which has it's QuickSync already supported in Plex and Unraid. I'm somewhat taking a look at a Ryzen 5 2600 matched with a Nvidia P2000. The fact that you have to use a custom form of Unraid to make it work and NVDEC isn't fully supported in Plex yet, has me turned off of it as of right now. It's going to be an interesting rest of the year to see how far Plex and Unraid advance.
  7. Yeah but emphasis on “can”. It really depends on the motherboard. Always read the manual before buying the one you are looking at to see how the lanes are laid out and tied together.
  8. Not exactly what you have but I run UnRAID on my HP Z220 without any issues. I have 2 x SSD’s and 6 x HDD’s and a LSI 9211-8i humming right along on 6.7.2.
  9. QuickSync working well on 6.7.x for you? How many transcodes have you gotten it to do? I’m really thinking about getting the Xeon sorta equivalent (E-2146G) and love seeing any comments about similar processors and C246 boards.
  10. So since I haven’t seen a whole lot of complaints from a large number of people, it looks like it’s limited to just a couple of CPU’s. I’ve seen no complaints from those using 8th gen iGPU’s or really anything other than the J4105. With the amount of people using Plex in Docker, UnRAID 6.7.x, and QuickSync, you’d think we’d have seen way more people looking for help with this.
  11. I’m not currently on Plex Pass and was waiting to purchase whenever they get full Nvidia support on Linux. Is there anything I would be missing by simply switching to Emby? I never really gave it a whole lot of thought but I don’t see why I couldn’t try it out.
  12. From what ChuckPA said on the Plex Forums, it sounds like a major update to the transcoder is being finished up and hopefully deployed in the near future. I’m thinking they’ll address this, as well as finally provide official NVDEC support and fix the issues they’ve been having with 9th Gen Intel QuickSync. He made it seem like a significant change for the transcoder.
  13. Anyone thinking about going with a new Zen 2 build? I'm hearing they've been having some initial problems with newer Linux kernels not booting. Wonder how long if it would affect current Unraid (since we're on an older kernel) and 6.8 (depends on which kernel it will be based on)? https://techgage.com/article/amd-ryzen-7-3700x-ryzen-9-3900x-performance-in-linux/
  14. Thanks for the info. I still think if I go Ryzen, I'll go with the ASRock X570M Pro4. It's significantly cheaper at $185, has USB 2.0 ports, 8 x SATA ports, and is the only X570 mATX board. It doesn't have IPMI, but I don't really have a need for that anyway. The only thing that had me hesitant at first was the fact that it only has PCIE x16 and a PCIE x4 lanes. My LSI 9211-8i shouldn't see a big bottleneck being limited to a PCIE 2.0 x4 lane. Should be still enough bandwidth for 8 x 5400rpm hard drives I'm guessing? Found this a while ago and it looks like it is still applicable: Dell H310 PCIe gen2 x8 (4000MB/s) - 6w – LSI 2008 chipset, results should be the same as IBM M1015 and other similar cards 4 x 455MB/s 6 x 377.5MB/s 8 x 320MB/s (190MB/s*, 185MB/s**) *on PCIe gen2 x4 (2000MB/s) **on PCIe gen1 x8 (2000MB/s)
  15. I believe this (link below) is the proper place to let them know of any bugs that need to be fixed for the next release. I'm sure they'd appreciate as much information as possible. https://forums.unraid.net/bug-reports/stable-releases/