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  1. I figured that would cause issues. I think I'll just go with the X470 Taichi. It's not mATX but it does have everything I need.
  2. Damn. Guess I’m going to have to wait until someone tries it and reports back. I’m not going to spend $270 on a motherboard and then proceed to frustrate myself forever trying to get it to work.
  3. The iGPU won't be available for QuickSync on unRAID until they move to a linux kernel 4.20 or newer. I seem to remember them saying that 6.8 will be on a kernel in the 5.xx.
  4. I'm looking to do a Ryzen build later this year, and have been thinking about using the new ASRack X470D4U server motherboard. It seems that the motherboard doesn't come with any USB 2.0 ports (only USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports). Will this cause any issues with my USB 2.0 stick when it comes to booting or general compatibility? I believe I've seen it in passing that there have been problems in the past when it comes from using the boot flash drive in a USB 3.0 port.
  5. The decode script should become unnecessary here in the next couple of months. The Plex team has mentioned on their forum that they are working on adding the decode function.
  6. Is that the lesson though? I haven’t heard of anyone having trouble using their primary GPU (the one they use to boot up their server) to pass through for transcoding. This one was weird. I’m thinking it was some sort of issue with his Docker container. Correct me if I’m off base.
  7. Hmmm. Guess that eliminates the iGPU possibly being the problem. Do you now have your 1050TI plugged into a monitor? I’m thinking it’s not registering properly because it needs to have a monitor plugged into it or a dummy HDMI.
  8. @_sb Do you have your iGPU disabled? Do you have a monitor plugged in? If so, where?
  9. Sounds like you're giving up way too quickly. Once you get your settings right, Ryzen is perfectly stable for Unraid. What are your specs/components you're using for this system?
  10. What processor did you choose? 1000 series or 2000 series? Have you taken a look at spaceinvader one's YouTube video on how to deal with Ryzen (specifically 1000 series)?:
  11. What’s Unraid’s stance on what to do about hyperthreading? Should we turn it off or leave it on if we own an affected Intel processor?
  12. I think it’s a huge deal. For every generation affected by this (except for the 9th gen), this turns your i7 into an i5. That’s about $100 difference that has now been wasted. I was really looking to use the i7-8700 for my build at the end of the year but I’m almost 100% sure to be switching to Ryzen now. Intel is really screwing over a lot of companies with this dropping of hyperthreading. I read somewhere yesterday that some systems could see a drop as much as 40% in performance. That’s selling a bad bill of goods. They better prepare to get sued to oblivion for this.
  13. I had the same issue as everyone else. I originally set it up using spaceinvader one's video as a guide. I deleted everything to start over fresh. I made sure it was set to bridge and didn't set an interface variable. Now that I'm inside, I'm stuck on what to do about the "Accepting VPN client connections on IP address:". I had bond0 when I first set this up. That is no longer an option. It's between "Listen on all interfaces" or eth0? Which should I choose? ***EDIT: I chose eth0 and everything seems to be working now! Still don't know if that was correct but it works.
  14. Save your money (1050TI or 1060) or pay more (1660). The new 1650 doesn’t have a Turing NVENC chip. Nvidia cheaped out. https://www.reddit.com/r/hardware/comments/bgokyg/the_gtx_1650_does_not_have_turings_nvenc_encoder/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app
  15. Can you please link to the weather strips you used? The link you provided is the exact same one for the bolts.