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  1. The port furthest from the motherboard is apparently is the first port... Once I populated that port the HDD showed up. I tried the port closest to the mother board and the 3rd furthest and just assumed they all didn't work during my initial troubleshooting. But eventually I broke down to that level of trouble shooting and figured out it was the port I was using... I haven't had the HDDs to test but I'm worried if when I need to expand to a new port on the card it will not work... Time will tell.
  2. WD 10TB Red Drive. Not shucked. I think I got it straight from WD. Just to run down every lead I will test the drive it self in another computer as I haven't done that yet. But I do not suspect that to be the issue.
  3. I moved the card over to the third slot. No disk appeared in the LSI/Avago BIOS for the 16e card. The 16i card worked as expected, as it previously had. The disk connected to the 16e card powers up I can feel it vibrate when powered out but it does not should in the SAS topology. I also tried plugging in the hard drive into the same PSU as the server that has the card in it and connecting it to the 16E card but it made no difference. (Perviosly I had it in a external enclosure. I checked all of the BIOS settings of both cards and the only difference I can see the the f
  4. That HDD does not appear in the LSI 9201-16E BIOS. I have already tried a different cable but no luck there. Should I consider reflashing? It came flashed already in IT mode. Maybe some more relevant info... I dunno: The 16e card that is not working is in my second PCIE slot and the 16i HBA card is in my third PCIE slot. I am stumped here.
  5. Sorry, I couldn't remember were to find this. Thanks. jarvis-diagnostics-20210617-1810.zip
  6. I am trying to add more disks to my server but am having some trouble with the LSI 9201-16e. I have confirmed it has the latest firmware and is in IT-Mode. https://imgur.com/gallery/xC5yeEQ Cables: Mini sas SFF-8088 TO 4x SATA 7Pin,Mini-SAS Male TO SATA Adapter Cable 1M - https://www.ebay.com/itm/133029692746 Card: LSI 9201-16E PCI-E 2.0 x8 IT MODE 16 PORT SAS SFF8088 ZFS UNRAID TRUENAS PC - https://www.ebay.com/itm/313549609988 I followed this video to the best of my ability - With everything powered down I instal
  7. What am I doing wrong here? I installed the docker via community apps and everything worked great but now I cannot access via noVNC. Logs attached, I cannot figure this one out. There's an error but I am at a loss. P.S. I appreciate all the work, thank you. supervisord.log
  8. I ran an extended SMART test prior to posting and it came good like I said. Good to know those can be intermittent
  9. I found the backblaze one prior to posting as well. Thank you so much for your help.
  10. Sorry unzipped the file and wouldn't let me upload... wasn't thinking sorry. jarvis-diagnostics-20191106-0000.zip
  11. I would appreciate some advice on the best course of action. My Parity Disk is accumulating errors on the Main page>Array Devices. But the smart is completed without error as well as the parity check finds 0 errors. Also the Raw read error rate = 0 Do I need to RMA the drive? as I believe it is still under warranty. What should I do? jarvis-diagnostics-20191106-0000.zip
  12. I added two new drives I started to pre-clear them last night. I get off a plane and find that one of my disks has been in my array with data threw an "-t permissive" error. I couldnt find anything online regarding this while I rebooted my sever. It comes back up and now the drive is unmountable and wants me to format the drive as there is no file system. As I'm away for work I can't pull any reports/logs at the moment. Beyond that is there anything I can do to recover this disk?
  13. I have two questions. First I am unable to confirm if the SteamCacheBundle is working on UnRaid. I followed this guide https://squishedmooo.com/the-new-and-easier-all-in-one-steamcache/. When I ssh into my server and run the logs with "docker exec -it SteamCacheBundle tail -f /data/logs/access.log" nothing happens in the terminal. What can I do to confirm that the files are actually being cached correctly? Second, is there a way to add IP's to the docker template to open up steams throughput as described here https://github.com/steamcache/monolithic under "Tuning your c