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New NAS: Any Tips?

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i am currently building my new NAS. Coming from a QNAP system, i chose Unraid.


The last couple of days i was reading, comparing and testing different solutions. I think Unraid is the way to go. 


My hardware are following:

- Ryzen 5 1600 (Ryzen 5 2600X was planned, but had a issue)

- 32 GB RAM

- 12 x 8 TB WD RED (will be extended to 16 x 8 TB)

- 2 x 1 TB nvme SSDs

- 1gb LAN connection

- 10gb connection to my PC


My initial Setup in Unraid is:


- 10 x WD REDs as data

- 2 x WD REDs for parity

- 2 x 1 TB nvme SSD for cache


My transfer rates are between 600MB/s and 700 MB/s, using the cache with MTU of 9014.


From what i understand, as soon i won't use the cache (reading Files from HDD) the performance will drop...i couldn't test it yet, because i am waiting for the parity-sync to be finished.


Is there any possibilites to increase the performance? (transfer to cache and also reading from HDDs)

Can i tweak some settings? 






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