Nextcloud locking up

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Hi Everyone,


so i started with unraid back in march during lockdown lets be honest what else was there to do?


anyway i need the help of the community or a guru and am willing to pay for someones time if need be,


ive had everything running well now since march untill this last week, im seeing 502 or 504 gateway errors just with nextcloud,


now when this happens i cannot stop the container it just wont stop or restart, and it wont allow unraid to naturally reboot either i have to power cycle the machine for it to come back up propperly, once rebooted my nextcloud boots and runs for an indeterminate amount of time untill it locks again,


if nextcloud doesnt lock i am able to stop the container without issue and restart it but once it locks thats it i have to pull the plug,


so ive had a look at the logs but if im honest i could use some guidance as to whre else to look, the unraid log in the top right doesnt show anything, the log to the right of the nextcloud container doesnt show anything either, when it was last running i found some issues with the log within nextcloud itsself and have been working to find fixes for that, mostly an antivirus app that wasnt working propperly so have removed that.


i have also updated nextcloud thinking maybe it could be a bug ive done 3 updates in total and its now pushed me up to nextcloud 19.0.5


at this point im running out of options, im thinking maybe i should nuke the container and do a fresh install however im massivly worried about loosing file associations to my users and encryption keys,


i followed spaceinvader ones videos on how to setup nextcloud initally and tbh the guys a legend so usefull,


the problem i have is as this has been so stable for the last months, my mothers work are now using it to backup there company data and i cant loose there data, they also use only office to edit on the go,


still new to unraid but i am slowly working it out but if anyones willing to help please please please im tearing my hair out here, again will happily pay for someone who knows what they are doing and looking at, i would welcome the lesson into the bits i dont know ;)


Thanks in advance all and thankyou for all the hard work you guys are putting into this stuff, so glad i found unraid but it frustraights the heck out of me



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