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  1. Interesting, in responce to a few things ive read looking back at this, currently ive left my nextcloud to not use a temp and let it use the docker as it wants too for now, mainly ive not changed anything so that i know where the issue was, ive had another unraid restart since as i was playing with my vm but nextcloud itsself has been working flawlessly again as it should be, no more 504 errors, no more not being able to restart, id say ive had 5 days or so stable now, just to give you the info on it tho, i wasnt able to replicate the fault under my own loads as such up
  2. Insidently i should now add ive waited untill now to post this as ive had 3 days stable, my issue actually was caused by trying to get nextcloud not to fill up the docker image upon upload, i added a /tmp variable and it worked for about a week and then started showing issues, but none of the logs show anything, remove that /tmp variable and now its running stable again
  3. Hi Guys and Gals, need a little help with nextcloud locking up at random intervals anything between 1 min to 18 hours, its been running since the beginning of lockdown just fine untill about a week ago, the use case and how its used, id say i have 10 machines running the sync desktop app as my mum uses it at work to sync all the office documents (not massive files and not alot of files tbh) id say i have 2 maybe 3 mobile syncs, as thats why i started this in the first place i got fed up of paying for drop box and always wanted my own server id sa
  4. Hi Everyone, so i started with unraid back in march during lockdown lets be honest what else was there to do? anyway i need the help of the community or a guru and am willing to pay for someones time if need be, ive had everything running well now since march untill this last week, im seeing 502 or 504 gateway errors just with nextcloud, now when this happens i cannot stop the container it just wont stop or restart, and it wont allow unraid to naturally reboot either i have to power cycle the machine for it to come back up propperly, once reboote
  5. Hello everyone, My name's James very new to unraid, docker and containers, I've been hearing name's from a few places and wondered if there may be a member here who could tutor me a little on setting things up how I want them? So apparently squid and spaceindaver one are very good around the community, and i would like to thank spaceindaver one for your amazing youtube videos that have got me thus far, I wonder if one of you chaps would be good enough to pm me to discuss what I'm after as I feel like I've made a mistake or 2 and can't seem to fa