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Hi all,


ive been fighting this issue for quite some time now and am really struggling to pinpoint exactly whats going on.....


heres the story,


machine acting strangly after around 3 - 4 days, i know when its gone on the blink as i use emby and everytime it goes emby askes me to sign in again and wont accept my password, plex shows me the tiles but just says error with playback and my windows VM becomes unusable, reboot unraid all works again for another few days. docker containers wont start from memory i get execution error 403 only thing i can do is reboot.


ive attached the diagnostics for someone who can read them better than me to have a look through, it was suggested in another post that memory could be an issue but ive since replaced the memory in my machine as i ran mem test and it did show me a river of red, possibly this is the aftermath of that.


so machines been running for around 2.5 years, around a year ago i started transcoding my media to uniform everything and i inadvertantly filled my cache drive up, cache drive containing VM's and App Data on an NVME Drive to keep the machine running nice and speedy,


ever since i filled the cache drive and my server died im now getting issues i cant seem to resolve, so i first assumed that given the amount of data that the cache drive has processed over its time, that i could have potentially hit the read write limit of the drive 1tb WD Blue drive, so naturally i upgraded to a 2TB used mover to pull everything off and after a few attempts got it all on to the array put my new drive in and reversed the process, but the issue still remains,


i do have 2 drives showing errors within the array, im aware this isnt good but personally dont believe its causing the issue im seeing here as they have been showing the same level or errors with regard to reallocated sector count (sde) and offline uncorrectable (sdd), 1 error on each drive as such,


any help be great,


personally im thinking data corruption on BTRFS cache drive, plex does tell me on my phone the database is corrupt, if anyone knows of a guide or could guide me how to fix that too that would be amazing, the issues could well be linked but it could be deeper than that, i dont know HELP.


thanks in advance




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