VM stuck at booting from hard disk

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I just installed a USB 3.0 PCI Card extension into my unraid Server and would like connect an external SSD to the pci card extension, and start a VM via the SSD.

If it is possible, to passthrough the expansion card to the VM, while also starting from the SSD, which is connected to that expansion card, that would be great.

But if that's too complicated, I'll just buy a second PCI card and pass that one through.

On it, there's Ubuntu installed, just in case it matters.


I tried following this guide, but by using seaBIOS I always get stuck at "Booting from hard disk..." when starting the vm.



Screenshots of my Unraid VM Settings:



Here the yellow marked device is my USB PCI Card, where the SSD is connected to



Also I marked, which Disk I set as the "Primary vDisk Location" under the VM settings



I'm thankful for any help I can get :)




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