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  1. I tried changing it to bind_addresses: [''], sadly the error does not change
  2. @A75G Hi, I followed this guide to install the matrix docker, but I get errors and warnings in the logs, which I cannot find fixes for, can you pls help me? 0: Max number of open files/sockets allowed for this process: 40960 0: Due to the open files/sockets limitation, max supported number of TURN Sessions possible is: 20000 (approximately) 0: ==== Show him the instruments, Practical Frost: ==== 0: TLS supported 0: DTLS supported 0: DTLS 1.2 supported 0: TURN/STUN ALPN supported 0: Third-party authorization (oAuth) supported 0: GCM (AEAD) supported 0: OpenSSL compile-time ver
  3. Hello! I just installed a USB 3.0 PCI Card extension into my unraid Server and would like connect an external SSD to the pci card extension, and start a VM via the SSD. If it is possible, to passthrough the expansion card to the VM, while also starting from the SSD, which is connected to that expansion card, that would be great. But if that's too complicated, I'll just buy a second PCI card and pass that one through. On it, there's Ubuntu installed, just in case it matters. I tried following this guide, but by using seaBIOS I always get stuck at "Booting from
  4. Hi guys, I tried installing letsencrypt and watched Spaceinvaders Video about that a couple of times now, but I cant manage to get the certificate working... What I'm trying to do is setting up a reverse proxy, so I can use all of my dockers from anywhere. (like storage.youngspace.xyz pointing to the Nextcloud docker or Stations.youngspace.xyz pointing to guacamole). At this point I've set up a DDNS with Namecheap, but it looks like the IP does not automatically update. Im very sure it does have something to do with my Port forwardings or my Domain setup.