• [6.10.0-RC2] Docker logs cut off in WebUI

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    I didn't see this reported anywhere when I searched but it's possible I missed it.


    When trying to view logs for dockers via the web UI I've noticed multiple characters are missing from the start of each line. 




    When you run docker logs CONTAINERNAME via a terminal the logs are displayed correctly:



    So this seems to be an issue with the webui parsing the docker logs?


    It's been going on for some people for a while now it seems. There's this post from last year on reddit about it as well: 


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    What web browser are you using ? Did you try with another one ?


    Is it true of all your docker containers or only some of them ?


    You mention a 1 year old post, so it should not be 6.10 specific. I do not see that on my 6.9 with FF, tried on 5 random containers.

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    Alright my bad this appears to be a container specific issue not the webui. It only seems to happen with PlexTraktSync no matter what browser I'm using. 


    I can try uninstalling the enhanced log plugin and see if it makes a different.


    What's shown via docker logs PlexTraktSync vs the webui has varying levels of missing text. Some of it looks purposely truncated but others like the last 3 lines there are just cut mid word.




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