• 6.9.0 beta 35 Dashboard ui broken for docker & Vm's

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    The ui is broken on the dashboard for docker & VM's on chrome browser.

    Does nothing when you click on icon's and it's only showing 1 vm of the 3 i have running. All fine if you go into docker tab and vm tab all works as it should.

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    It's working for me on my server (no VMs though on it).  Do you happen to have one of the plugins installed (eg: Docker Folders) that modifies the dashboard?

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    Like Squid, my Dashboard is fully functional. Not using VMs either.

    It will be difficult to help you diagnose further than the question above with so little information.


    You should share your diagnostics in your next post (Tools/Diagnostics).

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    stop all running VMs and then you start them again.



    it is showing correctly while only one vm is running. 

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    15 minutes ago, Tungmeister said:

    I only have one VM and this doesn't show at all on the dashboard as well as the same issue of dockers only displaying in 2 columns

    try to stop vm & restart

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    I have the same problem as OP, 3 vms installed, only 1 showing on dashboard, cannot click these for the menu either.


    All 3 showing in VM tab:



    The Docker list looks different from beta30 (only 2 rows), and nothing happens when I click on the icons:


    But it works fine in the Docker tab:


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    All my vm's are running VNC, my GPU is dedicated to Plex and Jellyfin, but as you say, there is some issue with the VNC, because if I start my stopped VM, it goes from VNC:Auto to VNC:5902, and disappears from the dashboard.


    And when I stopped all running VM's it reverted to normal:


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    If you collapse the VM section by clicking on the ^ icon next to the gear at the far right, the rest of the pane is displayed correctly, suggesting that the problem is with the code that displays the VMs, rather than the code that displays the Docker containers and explaining why people who have no VMs don't see the problem.


    EDIT: The above observation was made using the Chromium browser. With Firefox the Docker containers display normally (three columns) and just the VM area is affected, missing items.


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    Different browsers behave differently
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    Hello, I can confirm that I have just noticed exactly the same problem. I run on the same version of UNRAID. it is not blocking but just disturbing. thanks in advance

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    The problem seems to lie with the VM part of the Dashboard, specifically the VNC portion of it.


    Exhibited the same characteristics as @John_M with Chrome, and when I ran it in Firefox, docker is normal, but VM's are only showing stopped (not the ones with VNC enabled)



    But, the Docker section only looks ok when minimizing the VM's and in Firefox, still cannot click anything to get up the Docker menus.

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    2 hours ago, Raspen said:

    But, the Docker section only looks ok when minimizing the VM's and in Firefox, still cannot click anything to get up the Docker menus.

    Yes, agreed. Mouse clicks have no effect.


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    Same problem here.


    On the Dashboard, the Virtual Machines section is closed, and opening it does not show the VMs, as it used to do.


    And the Docker Containers icons don't react anymore when clicked on the Dashboard.


    It all works when accessed from the Docker or VMs tab.



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    It didn't last. On restarting VM's they disappeared from the dashboard 🤷‍♂️




    I had the same issue. I was running the Unraid nVidia build.


    From what I can see, the new beta35 version has the nVidia driver included: https://unraid.net/blog/unraid-6-9-beta35


    Anyway, installing @ich777's plugin seems to have solved it. Make sure to disable and then re-enable Docker. I also disabled and re-enabled VMs.


    I'm just a noob, so I can't really help further than this, hopefully this solves the issue for people 🤞



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    Just a further update, I have two VM's:


    • Windows 10 with an Asus 2070 Super GPU pass-through 
    • Linux running Home Assistant with VNC.


    If I just start the Windows 10 VM, everything works. When I start the Linux VM running VNC, then everything disappears from the VM section on the dashboard. It doesn't matter if the Windows VM is running, as soon as I start the Linux VM, they disappear from the dashboard.


    As people have said, the VM's run fine, it is only a bug in the VM dashboard section.

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    I'm also here seeing the exact same thing on 6.9.0 beta 35. I only have 2 VM's that both have VNC graphics. No matter what (none running, only one running or both running) the VM Dashboard section is empty and when I open up the view with the down arrow the whole middle column distorts (and Dockers only show in 2 columns). Closing the VM view clicking ^ makes display normal (and Dockers showing in 3 columns).

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    Something weird is happening to my server, i did go back to beta 31 by manuel overide of the flash files for an unrelated issue, and the problem is still there...

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    Partial workaround:


    Go to Settings - Display Settings and change "Show Dashboard apps" to "Docker only". Then Dockers on Dashboard work but you will have to go to VMS page to work with your VMs.

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    51 minutes ago, trurl said:

    Partial workaround:

    Yes, that works. Unlike collapsing the VM section, this allows you to click on the Docker icons.


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