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  1. It was after upgrade to 6.9.0 rc2 when i got issues changed from machine type 5.1 to 4.2 but sounds like other issue with yours. Have you tried recreating the VM, as that often sorts some issues.
  2. Is it just the VM crashing or unraid as well and do you pass through gfx card? I had issues related to qemu with my VM's crashing vm as well as unraid solution was change machine type to older one.
  3. Update! Looks like i have finally found the fix to my lock ups! It would appear to be a VM qemu issue. I changed my machine type to q35-4.2 from q35-5.1 and have not had a issue since. Now on 18 days up time. I had already change from i440fx to q35 but had both on 5.1 so i'm guessing that i440fx-4.2 would work fine in my case as well. I want to get 30 days up time to be sure, then i will try i440fx-4.2 see what happens.
  4. I'm still getting crash/lock up about every 3-5 days on rc2 i have no clue what's going on tried so many things I'm out of idea's now!
  5. Update! I went to 6.9.0 rc1 updated Nvidia drivers on both vm's and got to almost 9 days up! Then updated to rc2 and within 48hrs i had 2 lock up's so it's still plaguing me! 🤷‍♂️ I have just redone the 2 vm's on new templates using q35 5.1 (was on i440fx) and new virtio drivers 0.1.190 on them so we will see if that makes any difference. But in all lock up's it seems to be iommu issue in my case. Dec 22 21:30:45 SKYNET-UR kernel: RIP: 0010:__iommu_dma_unmap+0x7a/0xe8 Dec 22 21:30:45 SKYNET-UR kernel: Code: 46 28 4c 8d 60 ff 48 8d 54 18 ff 49 21 ec 48 f
  6. Well i updated my 2 win10 vm's with the latest nvida drivers and not had lockup since. I got to almost 5 days but now i've updated to RC1 and done a few other things, like put memory back to 2666Mhz change some cpu pinning and swapped around some usb pass through. So we will see how it goes 🤞
  7. Just updated to rc-1 but still will only update if i refresh the page.
  8. Hmm ok. getting thin on idea's now. Have you tried working config without a vbios rom and see if the drivers install/load without error. Edit: I say that can't remember if you even got windows setup or not?
  9. Try this one. I think it's correct. windows-vm.xml
  10. Just try putting the 3090 on 0x05 or something not in use, make sure not to change the part that is physical slot, first part i think it is. only change the virtual slot. check video space invader explains the difference.
  11. Is slot='0x00 being used more than once? Virtio-net, virtio-serial and gpu looking at it.
  12. Forgot all about this thread! haha. I just swapped around the usb's that i pass through the other day without any issues on my system, so now thinking about it i don't think it's a issue anymore. Yeah do it get one! beast chip's so many threads haha! although you never have enough just keep using them. 😂
  13. All seems good on the update but i did get call trace on boot. Everything seems to be running fine and didn't lock up. Dec 10 19:15:26 SKYNET-UR kernel: ------------[ cut here ]------------ Dec 10 19:15:26 SKYNET-UR kernel: WARNING: CPU: 3 PID: 7743 at drivers/iommu/dma-iommu.c:471 __iommu_dma_unmap+0x7a/0xe8 Dec 10 19:15:26 SKYNET-UR kernel: Modules linked in: nfsd lockd grace sunrpc md_mod nct6683 wireguard curve25519_x86_64 libcurve25519_generic libchacha20poly1305 chacha_x86_64 poly1305_x86_64 ip6_udp_tunnel udp_tunnel libblake2s blake2s_x86_64 libblake2s_generic libchacha bondi