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  1. What's the approach to add more app icons to this plugin? My Unraid box has both Shinobi and t-rex miner dockers utilizing my GPU - GPU stats plugin obviously shows there are two apps using it, however there isn't a little icon like we have for Plex transcoding. Would be great to get a list together of the popular apps that use the GPU and get icons for them into the plugin?
  2. What GPU are you using and what algorithm for mining? Can you post your logs?
  3. Since updating to the current trex container I am no longer able to access the WebUI - I get a connection refused error. Based on the logs trex is running, it is listening (although not sure why instead of - is in the config file). 20210216 16:17:42 ApiServer: HTTP server started on 20210216 16:17:42 --------------------------------------------------- 20210216 16:17:42 For control navigate to: 20210216 16:17:42 --------------------------------------------------- 20210216 16:17:42 ApiServer: Te
  4. replaced it with what specifically - I have tried openvpn-nextgen and openvpn-strong-nextgen files and can't get past the cipher issues.
  5. I found a couple of other posts that suggested the same. I was running 6.8.0-rc7 for a while which has the 5.4 kernel, and also tried 6.9.0-beta with 5.5 - Both had the same issue. Also did BIOS update without any changes.
  6. Did it complete successfully? I tried the beta and had the same issue. Trying with IOMMU disabled in the BIOS now...
  7. I don't have a separate HBA - All the drives are directly connected to the motherboard.
  8. 1950X TR Gigabyte X399 Aorus Xtreme 3x10Tb connected to motherboard SATA controller - 1 parity My unraid box has been running for about a year without any issues. Last week it reported errors on all 3 drives - I rebooted and it had disk2 marked as disabled. I removed then re-added the drive to the array, however it would not complete the rebuild due to errors on all 3 drives again. Since then I have: Updated BIOS Updated to 6.8.3 (also tried 6.9.0-beta) Set iommu=pt in kernel boot flags Replaced all SATA cables Replaced 2 10T
  9. I'm having similar issues on a x399 TR board - Did the rebuild complete with the 6.9-beta release?
  10. Yep - I just updated to 'latest' and it's still broke.
  11. Change your container repository to binhex/arch-jackett:0.11.409-1-01
  12. So far so good - Updated about 3hrs ago. No more emails. Did we fix something or just suppress the output?
  13. unraid-diagnostics-20190527-1718.zip
  14. I just updated to 2019.05.26 and still have the same issue. Any way to get debug/verbose logs out of the script to see what specifically is generating it?
  15. Hi- Every hour I get an email from my Unraid box, which I determined was due to an hourly cronjob run: root@Unraid:~# /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/fix.common.problems/scripts/scan.php HDIO_DRIVE_CMD(identify) failed: Inappropriate ioctl for device Any ideas on how to suppress this? Thanks!