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  1. I believe current hashrate is based of a 24hr period. More here
  2. I have not seen that before. You might try raising an issue on the T-Rex Github:
  3. Thanks for the heads up. I think that's an issue with the CA templates, they assume all Dockers are hosted on docker hub but in this case it's hosted on Github's Container registry
  4. You need to exclude the 660. There's two ways to accomplish that. 1. In the Trex config.json, there's a devices property that you can use to specify which devices to use: { ... "devices": "0,1", ... } You have two devices (0 and 1), the 660 is #1 so remove the 1 from the devices list: { ... "devices": "0", ... } OR 2. You can add the NVIDIA_VISIBLE_DEVICES variable on the docker and only enter the UUID of the 1650 you want to use
  5. I believe you can view the min/max power limits of your card with the following command: nvidia-smi -q -d POWER Otherwise, you might play around with the memory tweak (--mt) setting for T-rex
  6. I understand there will be a new docker with the ES/ML modules pre-configured but is there a way to get the now legacy docker working again? I receive the error "Cannot download the ES server bundle" on container startup. It was working great until recently.
  7. Unfortunately, that's a limitation of how the Nvidia drivers are integrated in Unraid. Normally, you could use the nvidia-settings CLI but that errors out as Unraid runs headless. You might try tweaking the memory-tweak flag for T-rex but I'm not sure how much that will help
  8. I believe for Unmineable, your username needs to use this format: ASSET:Address.Worker, so using ADA as an example, you'd set your username to: ADA:D6vEw4k7FKmw99L82QgaG1nud9woBbDURw.BenStark
  9. Updating is manual, so you'd need to snag a new version from Pulseway's site from time to time. That said, I'm in the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" camp given the pace of Unraid OS updates
  10. If you have not updated to Unraid 6.9.0 yet, the latest t-rex docker update will most likely not work for you. To fix, just add the cuda 10 docker tag detailed in the 1st post: ptrfrll/nv-docker-trex:cuda10
  11. You can adjust the power limit using nvidia-smi. As for under/overclocking, the command line utility, nvidia-settings, throws an error when I try to run it, I believe its due to how Unraid runs headless. If you wanted to maximize your hash rate, it would be better to pass it through to a VM as you could overclock the memory. I have a 3070 on a different, non-Unraid machine getting 61 Mh/s. The main reason for this Docker was so that you could continue to use the GPU in dockers like Plex for transcoding but also use it to mine at the same time. If you're not utilizing the
  12. Can you try updating the docker to pull the cuda11 tag like so: ptrfrll/nv-docker-trex:cuda11
  13. Thanks for the explanation. I should probably update my drivers.... I wonder how I can best support both versions of CUDA with one t-rex docker...
  14. I believe this is a current limitation due to the Nvidia driver version installed by Unraid (at least for Unraid 6.8.3). When I run nvidia-smi I show driver version 440.59 and CUDA version 10.2. There is a t-rex version built for CUDA 11.1 but I can't use it until the Unraid Nvidia driver is updated.
  15. Restart the container and check your log. When the container starts, it shows the wallet address and URL of the pool you are connecting to, make sure those are correct.