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  1. I haven't had much time to dedicate to this but it is still on my list. I hesitate to add it directly to this docker as the current method requires a specific version of nVidia drivers to be installed and I prefer to not force that decision on people (it also makes support a nightmare). My current plan is to create a separate docker that contains the over/under-clocking options which will persist those settings across all dockers. That way you could use that docker in conjunction with the T-rex one or any others.
  2. The WALLET variable on the docker is passed to the -u flag of T-Rex, so just enter everything in that field:
  3. Yes, you should be able to run two instances, just expose one GPU to each.
  4. Thanks for the link for NSFMiner, I hadn't seen that container before. I'll see if I can integrate the OC capabilities into this image as well.
  5. you could always route the Trex container through a VPN container:
  6. I see your server is set to but does it have the stratum+tcp part at the beginning like so: stratum+tcp://
  7. You should be able to mine Raven using the kawpow algorithm. Did it throw a specific error message?
  8. I updated the Docker to include a PASS env variable, so you can now override the default
  9. I'll add a PASS variable that you can set for the container.
  10. Not that I'm aware of, I would love to do this too. You might try setting the --low-load flag in T-rex but I'm not sure if it will work:
  11. What's your config.json look like? I'm guessing the URL prop is missing. { "pools" : [ { "pass" : "x", "url" : "stratum+tcp://", "user" : "WALLET_ADDRESS", "worker" : "Rig" } ], "api-bind-http" : "" }
  12. Try adding the devices flag to your config.json with a comma-separated list like so: { ... "devices": "0,1" }
  13. Shoot. I updated the CUDA base image (to CUDA 11.2) in the latest update. The "easy" answer is to update your nvidia drivers. That said, I know that's not an acceptable answer for everyone. I guess I'll downgrade the base image back to 11.1 which should be compatible for all/most nvidia drivers.
  14. I believe current hashrate is based of a 24hr period. More here
  15. I have not seen that before. You might try raising an issue on the T-Rex Github: