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  1. I'm guessing this is just an issue with mismatching versions. The zmeventnotification hook folder was updated 3 days ago with new dependencies added, namely a new OpenCV version: opencv_contrib_python>= while dlandon's docker installs a different OpenCV version: opencv-python I'm guessing the detect.py script you got from the zmeventnotification repo is using something from that new opencv package that's not available. Although if you tried re-running the requirements.txt in the ZM docker it should have fixed that
  2. Looking good so far. I added the INSTALL_FACE variable to the docker and everything seemed to pull down properly. I still haven't gotten face recognition to work properly but I don't think that's a problem with the docker. I appreciate you adding these even though you don't use them yourself, it saves me a lot of scripting. Thanks again!
  3. Figured it out. setup.py installs the zmes_hook_helpers directory. Currently the dockerfile only copies the setup.py: COPY zmeventnotification/setup.py /root/ When the setup.py script is run later, it errors out because it's missing the zmes_hook_helpers directory, here's the relevant log: File "/root/setup.py", line 25, in find_version IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/root/zmes_hook_helpers/__init__.py' Looks like you'll need to add the zmes_hook_helpers dir and copy it so that setup.py can complete successfully.
  4. I may have spoke too soon. Looks like this is handled by the setup.py script (no copying needed). I'm starting fresh to be sure and will report back.
  5. the zme_hook_helpers directory is provided by zmeventnotification so instead of creating it, maybe just check if it exists and if so, copy the entire dir so we're left with /usr/bin/zme_hook_helpers/
  6. Looks good so far. I have run into an issue where the new detect.py script requires some helper files located in hook/zme_hook_helpers that are omitted from your copy command to /usr/bin. If I manually copy that directory, it seems to work.
  7. Currently I install the hook dependencies using the ADVANCED_SCRIPT/userscript.sh option like so: apt-get -y install python-pip pip install opencv-python apt-get -y install libsm6 libxext6 libxrender1 sudo pip install -r /var/detect/requirements.txt sudo pip install cmake sudo -H pip install face_recognition Should I switch to the INSTALL_HOOK option instead?
  8. Wow, I didn't realize it wasn't on the cache drive. I can already notice a huge difference. Thanks for the help!
  9. Oops! Sorry, forgot to attach to the OP vault-diagnostics-20190410-1242.zip
  10. Lately I've seen a noticeable slowness when updating/pulling docker containers. It appears to happen on the Extracting stage of the layers and it's directly correlated to the layer size (larger layer == longer extract time). It's gotten bad enough where I can't update some of my containers as the update just hangs forever. I'm not sure where to start for troubleshooting this. Nothing has changed on the hardware side and I haven't updated the Unraid OS recently (running 6.6.5).
  11. I haven't upgraded myself but if you try to manually start the service using: /etc/rc.d/rc.pulseway start it should point you in the direction of what is causing the error. Based on the release notes, it looks like they upgraded the one of the underlying libraries again. Most likely you'd have to update the symlink command to point to the new version.
  12. Thanks for the help. Another issue I noticed is in the Montage view, there seem to be some failed AJAX calls when trying to get the camera state (FPS, Enabled, etc). Digging a little deeper it looks like the request is leaving off the port ZM is running on. So right now the request fires off to: http://<IP ADDRESS>/zm/index.php??view=request&request=stream&connkey=779378&command=99 (this fails) instead of: http://<IP ADDRESS>:<PORT NUM>/zm/index.php??view=request&request=stream&connkey=779378&command=99 if I copy the link and add the correct port, the response is good: { "result": "Ok", "status": { "type": 2, "monitor": 2, "state": 0, "fps": 30.31, "level": 0, "rate": 1, "delay": 0.04, "zoom": 1, "delayed": 0, "paused": 0, "enabled": 1, "forced": 0 } } Not sure if this is a docker issue or ZM thing
  13. /dev/shm is sitting around 4%. Would anything regarding that have changed with the docker update?
  14. Ever since upgrading my docker to zm 1.32, my monitors in the Montage view will occasionally freeze. Has anyone else experienced this? It didn't happen with previous versions and the log only states a generic error, "terminating". Seems like it may be related to a motion event but not 100% sure.
  15. According to this page: https://wiki.unraid.net/Files_on_v6_boot_drive, the extras folder is optional It looks like you'll just need to create the extras folder.