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  1. Really? Is that the 3rd time this year there is some kind of WEBUI related issue? I'm just going to stop updating this.
  2. In the script I'm actually running, I have commented out the line starting with "size", that line is probably causing problems. Glad to hear it's working.
  3. That sounds right. Make sure you do not have quotes around the whole thing in qBittorrent (so no symbols before python3)
  4. It took some tinkering, but I've figured out how to do it with python. The docker image includes python3, so this is what I did: Mount a folder, "/mnt/user/path" to "/script" In qBittorrent, put this under "run external program": "python3 /script/ "%N" "%G" "%Z"" This is a simplified version of my script, which sends a notification via Pushover import sys import time import json import urllib name = sys.argv[1] tags = sys.argv[2] size = sys.argv[3] pushover_user = "USER" pushover_token = "TOKEN" import http.client #Python 3 def pushover(): conn = http.client.HTTPSConnection("") conn.request("POST", "/1/messages.json", urllib.parse.urlencode({ "token": pushover_token, "user": pushover_user, "message": name + " has finished downloading", }), { "Content-type": "application/x-www-form-urlencoded" }) conn.getresponse() pushover()
  5. The 4.3.4 update breaks everything again. The torrents are running, but everything except the top menu is just blank in the WebUI. Don't update yet.
  6. I think you can set start position by "Window, Save Position"
  7. I think you are referring to a problem that has been discussed in the previous pages. If you look at the container log it should tell you what files you have to move.
  8. According to the "viewDockerLogSize" script, my binhex-krusader docker has a 3.6GB log. What is the purpose of such a huge log, does it show everything that's ever done in krusader? Is it safe to just delete in terminal, and is there a way to turn down the degree of logging?
  9. Someone said this is because it doesn't find the .fastresume file. On my container that I installed 6 months ago, I see this message in the log (I have not updated): "The legacy data directory '/config/data/qBittorrent/' is used. It is recommended to move its content to '/config/qBittorrent/'" I'm guessing this has something to do with it, try moving the files like the log message says.
  10. I'm using linuxserver/mariadb as database. If you want to manage your db you can use for example phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin. I don't remember exactly how I set everything up, but I think I used phpmyadmin to create a db user called "bookstack", then entered that info under "Database user" and "Database password" for the bookstack container.
  11. Update: When both containers are stopped, updating the first container removes the old image. As long as you update both containers at that time, there is no issue.
  12. I'm running two containers based on the same image. This setup breaks the automatic removal of old, unused Docker images. This is what happened when I tried updating: Have both containers running. Go to Docker tab, select "apply update" on one of the containers. When the updater has run the command to start the container again, it tries removing the old image. It says "Removing orphan image <image id>", "Error: Image can not be deleted, in use by other container(s)" (This is good, we don't want to delete images that are in use). After updating the second container, the updater doesn't try to delete the old image. (The old image is no longer in use at this point, so the updater should ideally attempt to remove it). This is just a minor annoyance, removing the old image in command line works fine. (I didn't include any diagnostics, because I really didn't think it would be necessary for debugging. This kind of setup is probably very rare.)
  13. I'm running Docker containers on a seperate VLAN, meaning each container has their own IP. I want to run all containers on port 80, so they can be easily reached by local DNS. For example backup.lan would be my Duplicati container. This works if the container is using port 80 internally, but many containers run web server on a non-standard port, for example: linuxserver/duplicati:8200 linuxserver/qbittorrent:8080 huginn/huginn:3000 and the list goes on. Changing the port mapping in the unRAID UI does nothing, as the container is not on a virtual network, and there is no port mapping/NAT between my local network and the container. Is there any way to get around this without changing the image in the build process? (I know this is an edge case, my network is unnecessary complicated).