• [6.9.0-beta35] Hardlinking between shares not working properly

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    I was said it's unintented behavior and to post there.


    Not sure if it's a bug or lack of feature, but mover will not move the hardlink if it's on another share, but rather copy the whole thing. It only works if they are on the same share. I suspect it's because mover works on per-share basis, if it is I ask if something can be done about that?


    Steps to reproduce:


    Two shares, A And B, both's cache set to Yes with the same pool.


    touch /mnt/user/A/test.txt

    cd /mnt/user/A

    ln test.txt /mnt/user/B/test.txt

    ls -i | grep test.txt

    14355223812252192 test.txt



    cd /mnt/user/B

    ls -i | grep test.txt

    14355223812252192 test.txt


    So far so good, they point to the same file.


    But if I invoke mover now, thing's change. The files point to other inodes, so the file got copied twice, instead of moving the inode and re-linking the files. They are on the same disk, but point to different inodes.

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