• CPU 14 isolated, yet in use


    I have 6 cores isolate to a windows vm, at the time of writing the vm is offline, but cpu 14 is seeing about 8-10% utilization.


    Pinned cores: 2,14 - 6,18 - 10,22



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    Just to be clear here: Pinned != isolated. They're different things.


    Pinned just means a CPU core that a VM can use, but anything else can also use that core as well if it's free. This is done by pinning the CPU core in the GUI.

    Isolating a CPU core means unRAID doesn't touch it. This is done by appending "isolcpus="x,y,z" to your syslinux config on Flash > Main.


    If you want to fully isolate the cores so that only the VM uses them, then you'll need to change your syslinux config from this:



    To this (for example):



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