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  • [6.12.4] 'Docker' Tab shows incorrect\unreadable information

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    Is the 'Docker' page supposed to correctly display containers\stacks created by a Docker Compose file?  I've encountered several issues in this case. They appear as shown in the screenshot below:





    The required custom Docker networks were created using the code:

    docker network create revers-proxy
    docker network create homeassistant


    Below are some basic network settings that might be helpful:

    Settings -> Network Settings -> Enable bridging: No
    Settings -> Docker -> Preserve user defined networks: Yes
    Settings -> Docker -> Host access to custom networks: Enabled


    For my test, I created a simple 'docker-compose.yml' file:

        container_name: nginx-proxy-manager
          - revers-proxy
          - homeassistant
          - '80:80'
          - '443:443'
          - '81:81'
          - HOST_OS="Unraid"
          - HOST_HOSTNAME="Diskstation"
          - HOST_CONTAINERNAME="nginx-proxy-manager"
          - net.unraid.docker.managed=dockerman
          - net.unraid.docker.icon=https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Jarikk/icons/main/unraid/nginx-proxy-manager.png
          - net.unraid.docker.webui=http://[IP]:[PORT:81]
        image: jc21/nginx-proxy-manager:2.10.4
        container_name: homeassistant
        network_mode: host
          - HOST_OS="Unraid"
          - HOST_HOSTNAME="Diskstation"
          - HOST_CONTAINERNAME="homeassistant"
          - net.unraid.docker.managed=dockerman
          - net.unraid.docker.icon=https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Jarikk/icons/main/unraid/homeassistant.png
        image: lscr.io/linuxserver/homeassistant:2023.10.3
        container_name: homeassistant-zigbee2mqtt-bathroom
          - homeassistant
          - HOST_OS="Unraid"
          - HOST_HOSTNAME="Diskstation"
          - HOST_CONTAINERNAME="homeassistant-zigbee2mqtt-bathroom"
          - net.unraid.docker.managed=dockerman
          - net.unraid.docker.icon=https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Jarikk/icons/main/unraid/zigbee2mqtt.png
        image: koenkk/zigbee2mqtt:1.33.1
        external: true
        external: true



    I'd like to address the following issues visible in the screenshot above:

    1) Long network IDs are displayed instead of names.

    2) In case of the nginx-proxy-manager container, only a single network is displayed, even though the container is attached to two different networks in the Compose file.

    3) The nginx-proxy-manager container has several port mappings ('80:80', '443:443', '81:81') in the Compose file, but these mappings are not displayed in the corresponding column on the user interface.

    4) Incorrect port mappings are displayed for the zigbee2mqtt container. Although it has no mappings in the Compose file, the UI shows port mapping 8123, which is actually a port of the Home Assistant container attached to the HOST network.

    5) A minor user interface improvement can be made for long container names. For example, it would be better if the zigbee2mqtt container's name is positioned on the right next to the icon and not shifted down.


    Again, these issues are related to running containers using a Docker Compose file. When I tested this configuration by creating apps from the CA store, everything appeared to be correct:






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    Compose is a 3rd party plugin, not part of unraid so you should post in its support thread. And yeah integration isn't perfect outside of trivial stacks.

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