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  • 6.12.4 Time Machine Shares Not Working

    James Miller
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    I’m very new to Unraid, and this is my first post. 

    I’ve been using the trial but I’ve not been able to get Time Machine to work. From the Googling and reading the forums, this last appears to have worked around version 6.9.x.


    From what I can see so far the issues included:


    1) when you mark a share as exportable with Time Machine, it doesn’t appear to add the option to the samba config for that share. If I manually add “fruit:time machine = yes” to the config and restart samba, then if I manually connect the share at least OSX sees it as a Time Machine capable volume. 

    2) the Time Machine share isn’t advertised. If I manually edit the avahi conf and add a service for the TimeMachine share it becomes visible. 

    I suspect part of the issue is while WebUI is exposing settings, they don’t appear to be writing the required samba or avahi config for the backend services.


    What confuses me is it looks like this all worked back on 6.9.x, but doesn’t appear to have for a while. The first version I’ve tried is 6.12.4, so surprised this appears to have been broken for a while. 

    Am I missing something?


    I’d like to move from the trial to paid, but this is one of the main things I want this for (to move from an old Time Capsule).

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    I found with 6.12.4 and later no problems with TimeMachine Shares being picked up.


    However what I did find was that Ventura 13.6+ (and Sonoma) now don't recognize the share as a TM destination unless you specify a Volume Size Limit in the share settings.  Leaving at the default (no limit) and the Mac won't recognize it.

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    Thanks for the quick response. I’m running 6.12.4, but it’s not working for me. My OSX instances are Monterey and Big Sur, and neither sees the disks, nor if I manually Mount works. 

    The below are screen shots on the WebUI config screen, and the SMB and AVAHI config files it’s generating. 




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