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  • 6.12.4 - User share restricted to single disk no longer sees that disk post upgrade

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    Edit: Egg, meet face. This was entirely my fauilt.

    Shortly after upgrading, I also changed "Global share settings" to exclude disk2. 

    I thought this would exclude it from shares by default, saving me a couple of clicks. I didn't realize it would remove it entirely from selection.

    Leaving this here for anyone who does something similarly stupid in future.



    I have a share "backup", that is set to include only disk2 in the array, and use my pool "ssd".

    After upgrading (afternoon of the 15th), all the files are still present on disk2, but /mnt/user/backup sees only files created there after the upgrade.

    In the GUI, I cannot select disk2 from the list of included or excluded disks. It simply lists disk1, disk3, disk4, etc.


    This had caused serious problems for several containers that rely on this data being changed only by the container and not external factors. Pointers to the data have now been corrupted, such that should I need to restore data before this point, I will have to manually confirm the contents of backups myself, and manually overwrite contents.


    I gave 6.12 months before upgrading. Lesson learned. This is not what I expect of a stable release.

    server-diagnostics-20230916-2220.zip server-diagnostics-20230915-0836.zip

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