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  • [6.12.6] Out of memory: Killed process 18556 (avahi-daemon)

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    I am seeing a lot of 'Out of memory' reports in my logs. Often prior to a general crash of Unraid (not 100% sure of they are related yet) which require a forced reboot to recover from.

    At the movement my setup is not doing much demanding tasks. I am just trying to transfer the files from my Synology NAS to the Unraid server. However, the frequent crashes have me a bit worried about replacing the Synology (which is a bit dated but rock solid on stability).


    I have noticed a spike in the memory usage after the array is started. Also, possibly after a remote NFS location is mounted however I am still trying to confirm this. 


    I also attached a remote log that contains data that did not survive a crash.


    unraid-diagnostics-20240124-1204.zip remote log - All_2024-1-25-0_58_36.html

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    Unfortunately in these cases, the logs shows the OOM events but not what's causing them, try limiting the RAM for any VMs and/or docker containers, the problem is usually not just about not enough RAM but more about fragmented RAM, failing that disable all services and then then start any VMs and docker containers one by one and let them run enough time to try and confirm if that's the one causing the problem.

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    Thanks for your response. I am only using one docker container at the moment (krusader) to transfer the files. I will try to limit the available resources and see if that has any effect.

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    At the moment the system is running in safe mode. And I put a 8GB cap on the Krusader container. I havent seen any issues yet. After the file transfers are complete, I will restart in the normal mode and see if any of the plugins are causing this.

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    I think the issue was caused because I mounted (through Unassigned Devices) a network share and used that mount in krusader to tranfer files, which the system did not like.

    I now have mounted the share in krusader directly and see no futher issues. Uptime is now 40+ days. For me the issue is closed.

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