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    When one of the cache disks gets hot, I get notifications in the GUI; usually a few at a time because the disk is under load, so temp is 48C,  temp is 50C, temp returned to normal, etc.


    When I click "close all notifications", they disappear then reappear. Clicking the X on each notification makes it disappear, then reappear.


    Refreshing the webpage fixes it.


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    I get the same thing with "Disk Getting Full" notifications or when I just rebuilt my parity disk, I had to refresh the page to be able to actually dismiss the notifications and not have them come back.


    Using latest Chrome on Windows 10.

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    I get it here and there also.  Only when there's multiple notifications present, and not consistently.

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    still an issue in firefox 100.0.1 and unraid 6.10


    The notifications are changing order where the top notification goes to the bottom and pushes every other notification up.


    refreshing the page fixes the issue temporarily.




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    Refresh the page and it goes away permanently (after clicking close all).

    It is a bug that I don't remember being present in rc8

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    5 hours ago, tjb_altf4 said:

    It is a bug that I don't remember being present in rc8

    It's been present in the OS for quite a while now, but YMMV.  Known issue

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    Refresh the page and it goes away permanently (after clicking close all) I agree, this is a problem for me too in 6.10. It has been getting more bugs lately because I updated. Hey, I turned off my notifications for updating the UNRAID OS but I still get notified twice a day about an update from 6.10 to 6.10.2 and I don't want to update yet. Please tell me how to make them stop I don't want to be bothered by notifications that I have already turned off and disabled. Why is this happening is there anything I can do to stop the anoyance constantly reminding me to update I don't want to update anything right now. I have turned most of the notifications off and I am still getting them. I get swarmed actually and they wont clear till I refresh the browser. Please help me before I go crazy?

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