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  1. It was a while ago and I can't remember. I'm running HA as host on unraid. My config file has http: and nothing defined within it. Are you using Nginx Proxy Manager? My settings are: Scheme: HTTP Cache Assets: off Block common exploits: on Websockets Support: on SSL Tab: Force SSL: on HSTS Enabled: on HTTP/2 Support: on HSTS Subdomains: off Edit: See here: https://github.com/home-assistant/core/issues/24750
  2. Dashboard -> Server -> Details -> Update server jar.
  3. I don't think you can; I think you need to click the button each time. It would be good if it could be scheduled with a specific time (e.g. cron).
  4. I've figured it out. Everything now appears to be running. Thanks for all your help guys. I can now stop panicking!
  5. Cache drives are now formatted. I've started to copy the data back to the cache drive. What do I need to do with docker? it was mentioned at the start of this thread that I have to recreate the docker image, but I'm not sure how.
  6. Thanks- It's copying to /mnt/disk4/cache-backup/ Once this is done, what do I do next?
  7. Mover doesn't seem to be doing anything when i set the shares to 'YES'. I can't use krusader to move the files because docker doesn't work. What other choices are there to get the files off the cache and on to the array?
  8. No one has complained but then again they're kids and don't really moan much. I've not played it.
  9. I run crafty with the geyser and floodgate plugins so java and bedrock users can play together- offsite bedrock users (eg xbox) can run phantom on a pi or laptop and join my server (that's what floodgate allows). Got fed up with mineos crashing. Crafty v3 doesnt have one button restore to a point in time or rdiff backup, only complete archive backups. V4 will solve this later this year. Their discord channel are fantastic for support too! Crafty allows backups to be somewhere outside of appdata, eg on a dedicated share on the array. Much better!
  10. Looks like one of the SSDs (sdc) has also failed. SMART shows: 202 Percent_Lifetime_Remain ----CK 000 000 001 NOW 100 so i'll have to replace that too. Has data corruption already occurred at this point in time? Do I follow the instructions here: https://wiki.unraid.net/Replace_A_Cache_Drive to get all the data on to the array, then replace the disk? Would it be a good idea to replace the failed SSD with a 1TB drive? The other is 500M, the cache is usually at about 60%.
  11. I have a backup from 3am on the same date, so i'll try to restore from that. Is it just a case of wiping the Cache drives and restoring them? The cache is 2 SSD drives.
  12. My log looks like this: Memory->log is 100%. Docker containers have stopped working and container webgui's are not accessible. I don't know what to do. Please help. tower1-diagnostics-20210608-2133.zip
  13. I'd suggest adding a new share on unraid, and mapping container: /backups to that share, then changing the backup location to /backups/crafty If you're using paperMC: In the crafty server config, change the java version for you're ready for 1.17: /usr/lib/jvm/java-16-openjdk/bin/java change the update url to: https://papermc.io/api/v1/paper/1.16.5/latest/download I backup every 20 mins. Note that Crafty pops messages "backup started" and "backup completed" that the players will see, so it's best not to backup too often as these messages will a
  14. I found the solution. Settings -> Docker -> Host access to custom networks: Enabled
  15. I have Pi-Hole docker set up to use br0 so i can specify an IP address since I need to add this IP to the router as the DNS server IP. Why can't unraid console ping the pi-hole IP address? I can ping it from windows, but when I open up the unraid console, I cannot ping Pi-Hole - "Destination Host Unreachable" I need to get this working because another docker container (home assistant) needs to be able to access Pi-Hole.