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  • No alert for failing cache SSDs

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    Hi, my server has been acting strange for months, freezing at random when there is any greater write activity. I haven't been able to narrow this down to the SSDs until now. The wear leveling count for both drives is 1 (1% life remaining), and the LBAs written equal almost 5x the rated TBW for a Samsung 860 EVO! One of the drives even had a CRC error count of 6. How come there is no notification about this state? I'm receiving notifications about parity checks just fine. This is either a huge bug or tremendous oversight. If a low wear leveling count or CRC errors appear, there should be an immediate notification. I only got lucky that i thought about checking these numbers manually.




    Here are my notification settings, i just tested email and Pushover manually and they work, and i am receiving other unRAID alerts regularly.



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    By default you are notified of CRC errors, though those are usually a cable problem, not device, but the SMART you posted has 0 CRC errors, so it won't trigger a notification.


    Life remaining will only trigger a notification if the SMART attribute is reported by the device as "Failing NOW", just because the SSD is past its predicted life doesn't mean it's failing or about to fail, I for example had an SSD with 500TBW that failed recently at almost 2PB written.


    Recommend you post the diagnostics after you experience the issue to see if we can confirm it's really a device problem.

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