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  1. Hello Together, i would like to digitalize my old movies from dvd to files with unraid docker app "ripper" I dont want to walk in the basement to my unraid server to change the dvd in the dvd-rom each time. My Idea was to connect the dvd-rom over a usb device server like "Silex DS-510" https://www.silextechnology.com/connectivity-solutions/device-connectivity/ds-510 to unraid in the same network locally next to me so that i can have the dvd-rom next to me and unraid is connected to it over the network. Is something like this possible ? Or is there maybe another solution. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi Ich777, i am doing well to thank you. Is there something i can do to help you ? Upload the server files or anything ?
  3. Hi Ich777, i would like to have a assetto corsa competizione sever docker container if possible. hope all are well in this times. Greetings Florian
  4. Hello Ich777, thank you so much it works like a charme. Have a good day a stay well.
  5. Hello ich777, thank you very much i am in no rush, also at home in Germany. Have a good time a stay well!
  6. Hello ich777, i would like to add stracker to your assetto corsa server for unraid. I found a docker -> https://github.com/germanrcuriel/assetto-corsa-server which would include stracker. stracker is a webserver statistic mod for assetto corsa. stracker is also as a standalone download at racedepartment. -> https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/stracker.3510/ Is there a way i can add this to your unraid docker app or can i install it as a separate docker ? I am very new to unraid and docker. Thanks for any help and stay well.