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  1. Is there a performance benefit to using CUDA 11.2 for the cards/drivers where it's available? If so you could possibly offer a separate 11.1 build for compatibility, although that would introduce some additional overhead for maintaining the image. /edit: thanks for the quick response, I appreciate it. Just tested the new build you pushed and it works perfectly again.
  2. I just updated to the latest image of the Trex miner from April 26 and am no longer able to start the container due to a CUDA error. ERROR: Can't start miner, can't initialize CUDA engine, cuda exception in [main, 609], CUDA_ERROR_NO_DEVICE. Is NVIDIA driver installed? Nvidia driver (v455.45.01) has been installed for months ever since unraid 6.9.0 came out and is still working perfectly in jellyfin, emby and previous versions of Trex. I rolled back to the previous image from 4 weeks ago and it's working flawlessly again, so something in that latest build screwed up my