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  1. Man i love those forum entries .. they are up top there with the classics: "nevermind, i fixed it" "why would you want to do that?" and "have you tried turning it off and on again" Could someone please add some information on how to fix this issue. How do i link which library where? EDIT: nevermind, i fixed it. google helped. EDIT2: ln -s /usr/lib64/libssl.so.1.1 /usr/lib64/libssl.so.1 ln -s /usr/lib64/libcrypto.so.1.1 /usr/lib64/libcrypto.so.1 You are Welcome
  2. Thanks, i dont see a need to update your card. if it works everything is fine. You are not connecting 100 cards as you could with this kind of hardware so as long as the HDDs are the bottleneck i would just leave it as it is. on the other hand: since you do not need to crossflash you should be able to update the firmware from within the OS. No need to boot into EFI/DOS. (still i would just leave it be). Best Regards, prash3r
  3. I can now happily report: LSI SAS9311-8i SAS3 works when flashed to IT more details in this thread
  4. Thanks for the support. It was possible with the UEFI tool sas3flash.efi. The information [2] from the manufacturer just states, that i can not directly crossflash IR to IT. But it was possible the default way with sas3flash.efi -o -e 6 sas3flash.efi -o -f firmware_IT.bin sas3flash.efi -o -b bios.bin BUT i actually recommend trying to do it in one command first because it validates the firmware you have to use later, before its to late. It tells you something like this: FS0:\sas3flash.efi -l LOGFILEFLASH.txt -o -f SAS9300_8i_IT.bin -b mpt3x64.rom Advanced Mode Set Adapter Selected is a Avago SAS: SAS3008(C0) Executing Operation: Flash Firmware Image Firmware Image has a Valid Checksum. Firmware Version Firmware Image compatible with Controller. Valid NVDATA Image found. NVDATA Major Version 0E.01 Checking for a compatible NVData image... NVDATA Device ID and Chip Revision match verified. NVDATA Versions Compatible. Valid Initialization Image verified. Valid BootLoader Image verified. ERROR: Cannot Flash IT Firmware over IR Firmware! Firmware Image Validation Failed! Due to error remaining commands will not be executed. Unable to Process Commands. Exiting SAS3Flash. Which is great because you know your firmware is correct before actually erasing the old one from the device. if you erase the firmware and dont have a correct new firmware it will brick the device on reboot. so i can only advise you to do it this way. Then it tells you, that it is not able to overwrite IR with IT. which basically only means you need to rease the old one before wrikting the new one. Do it and confirm a working bios with sas3flash.efi -listall. I had to reflash bios because i mistakenly used bios64 rom instead of bios32. In the end everything worked great and i could boot right into the controller. Thank you for your support. I can now happily report: LSI SAS9311-8i SAS3 works when flashed to IT Best Regards, prash3r
  5. Does the board NEED to have PCIe 3 for me to be able to flash my Controller?
  6. hello everyone, i am new to unraid (i like it a lot) and in the process of setting up a server to replace my old system. Got myself a PCI SAS card after looking into the Hardware Compatability list. Happy i found the list i got myself an LSI SAS 9311-8i how hard can it be to flash this thing right? Well i ran into a wall. After studying this guide: [1] https://nguvu.org/freenas/Convert-LSI-HBA-card-to-IT-mode/ and the manufacturers guide: [2] https://www.broadcom.com/support/knowledgebase/1211161501344/flashing-firmware-and-bios-on-lsi-sas-hbas i booted my stick prepared according to guide [1] and booted DOS because sas3flash for LSI SAS 12 Gb/sec HBAs (Windows/Linux/EFI) Cannot be used to flash to older firmware Cannot be used to flash from IT to IR firmware or from IR to IT firmware Can be used to flash the controller BIOS and/or EFI sas3flsh for LSI SAS 12 Gb/sec HBAs (DOS) Can be used to flash to older firmware Can be used to flash from IT to IR firmware or from IR to IT firmware DOS is the only way of flashing between IR and IT [2]. I tried to run "sas3flsh -o -e 6" but apparently my MoBo (ASRock Rack X470D4U2-2T) doesnt have the Bios32 service directory which it needs to have if i use DOS according to [2] Note. Now the note also says i can just use efi instead, but this is contradicted by the IR to IT restriction. I dont want to brick my controller. Has anyone had experience with this? Or is my only way to try and rip random PCs apart in hope of finding a bios with bios32 service directory. Best Regards, prash3r EDIT: i am aware of the pinned post and the corresponding wiki entry but i did not find this particular problem and most of the posts reference to the sas2flsh.exe and i dont want to guess if this applies to sas3flsh.exe as well. I will report my results here in any way so you can update the compatibility list or the crossflashing wiki.