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  1. Well, I finally sorted it by using the following sequence : megarec -cleanflash 0 flash sbrempty.bin with megarec flash LSI-P7-2118it.bin with sas2flash_p14.exe flash LSI-P20-2118it.bin with sas2flash_p19.exe flash with LSI-P20-mptsas2.rom with sas2flash_p19.exe apply SASID with sas2flash_p19.exe Thanks for your help !
  2. Hello, A long time ago, I switched an LSI to IT mode without issues. I'm about to update my old HP freenas, and I got a cheap LSI board from amazon but I havent been able to flash it correctly so far. I collected many firmwares from many places, and put everything on a EFI/DOS bootable USB key. I have the following content : a7f42e2e834eb5857de0f6a2ff024954 *6GBPSAS.FW 6623426bffa9891d13deceb726ace2ab *DELL-A10-6GBPSAS-8e-IT.FW 39b41baedb989c1b6ad173a59b6a793f *H200A.FW bcb1908e4239a555f264641510fdaa75 *2118ir.bin 8d8cd74b8080bbe100aedb8dff092301 *LSI-P20-2118it.bin df4d912729c8daf2df98f881195c326f *LSI-P7-2118it.bin f2539f86c58a5ec446b4e6d30d2fdd46 *sbrempty.bin 7166b8127665e5ea86a6ae7e939b79f6 *sbrfj.bin 7bfe05a0461a82f30339387183bc86b1 *LSI-P20-sas2flash.efi bcf8814fe35afefd346168103f63211a *LSI-P5-sas2flash.efi 7bfe05a0461a82f30339387183bc86b1 *sas2flash.efi 4eae78687342155df60955eb76d40cd4 *sas2flash_p19.efi 7bfe05a0461a82f30339387183bc86b1 *sas2flash_P20.efi bcf8814fe35afefd346168103f63211a *sas2flash_p5.efi I include the md5sum as some files with the same name have different content...... making things even more complicated. I had some doubts on the chipset so I removed the heatsink, and noticed the thermal compound was completely dry and inefficient so I cleaned it and put a decent one. Here is the chip of the card : https://photos.app.goo.gl/NXBhBz2EtjHhnJie6 megarec -cleanflash 0 works as expected, as well as megarec -writesbr 0 sbrempty.bin (tried also with sbrfj.bin) Things get worse when trying to upload firmware using sas2flash (P5 version, but tried others as well) : it always ends up with the famous "Failed to validate MfgPage2" Each time, I went back to megarec to clean, and then repeat using different firmware, different sas2flash versions. I also put the card in the PC where I succedded with the previous card, but still no luck. Any idea on what I'm doing wrong ? Next step would be to return the card to the vendor (I asked him if he had any drivers or anything, but no) Thanks.