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  1. Interesting... do you know if anyone has tested this performance difference or if there's any unraid documentation on it?
  2. Lately I've been wondering why someone might want to set a share to Cache-Only - say, for appdata or system share. But as far as I can tell, there's no additional benefits to a cache-only share over a cache-prefer share. All I can deduce is that if you're using a cache-only and run out of cache space, the share won't be able to write anymore data. This seems like a massive drawback for every share I can think of. For instance, using it with your appdata share would cause dockers to cease functioning if the cache drive was full. Unless someone else has more insight? The
  3. Hmm, maybe, I don't think so but I could be wrong! I'm using Krusader and going to each share under /user and moving across. I can see how using /user0 or /disk might cause weirdness. Also I wouldn't expect the files to immediately move either of course. I think the logic in the Mover is just such that it ignores files in un-allowed areas for a share... which makes sense, until you have multiple cache pools
  4. I've just setup dual cache pools and noticed that I can move files from one share (call it share1) which is set to use "Cache0" to another share (we'll call it share2) set to use "Cache1". The files are originally stored on the Cache0 drive. Upon running the mover now, since Share2 is not set to use Cache0, the mover doesn't move the files. Current Workaround: If I change the settings of Share2 to use Cache0 instead of Cache1 and invoker the mover, it will then start to transfer files back to the array. once that's done, I can change the settings back to the origin
  5. Yeah agreed, or potentially if the Mover is interfering with your 2nd cache pool for some reason, but it shouldn't do so if you don't have anything on there for the mover to action on. Got any thoughts on multiple cache pools vs one combined?
  6. Still nothing. I even tried recreating the share just in case but still didn't work. Should I contact LimeTech support about this potentially? I'm at a loss
  7. Sure, here they are. This is the test share I created which I've been doing all the testing on.
  8. I'm at a complete loss... disk3 is the first disk the share writes to because of the high-water setting. So I tried creating the symlink from /cache to/disk3 but when I do that I get the error in windows. If I create the symlink on any other disk, it just creates the folder again on disk3 since that's the first disk it's checking for the write.
  9. Hey @tjb_altf4, did you have any further thoughts on what might be going on for me? Did you try the same setup on your side? I'm wondering if this is actually "desired behaviour" from Unraid rather than a bug on my end.
  10. Aha! Found out the issue which was blocking me from writing to the folder. When creating my work shares I exclude disk1-3 but disk3 was the active disk Unraid wanted to write to because of the high-water setting. So once I just allowed the share to write to all disks, I was then able to write to the symlink folder. However… you might have picked up from the paragraph above that the symlink is now just causing the file to appear on disk3 (I created the symlink using MC and created it on disk6 but Unraid wants to use Disk3). So what is actually happening is the file is si
  11. Okay I'm lost for options... but found some strange behavior that might guide us through. Nothing I do to a new share will make it work unless I set it to "Yes" for 'use cache'. Then I'm able to write to the folder but I'm pretty sure this isn't using the symlink and is just writing directly to the folder on the cache drive. Other things I've tried Running new permissions on the share in case there's something funky going on there. Restarting Unraid after creating a share and then creating the symlink on that share. Any more thoughts?
  12. Gave that a go, unfortunately no dice. I can create files and folders on the rest of the share, but I can't do anything within the symlink even after recreating (I created a new folder and symlinked that just in case). Any other thoughts?
  13. Thanks @tjb_altf4 I did eventually figure out the MC issues. Did you see my problem with writing to the symlink folder?
  14. So I was able to create a symlink eventually and the folder structure appears in windows but when I try to copy to it I get an error: I also get an error if I try to create a folder within that folder using krusader: For reference, here are a couple of screenshots from MC of what I did and what the structure looks like. Any idea why I can't write anything to the symlink folder? Thanks!
  15. Thanks @tjb_altf4! I'm trying what you suggested but I'm guess an error message: I've tried several different ways in case I was doing it in the wrong order but can't seem to get it to work. Also, is there any reason I couldn't link over to /mnt/user0/Test instead of /mnt/disk6/Test? I guess there's no difference where you symlink to since the files will be on the cache, but just wondering for theoretical / understanding. Oh, also for understanding... what's the process for changing / removing symlinks? Is t