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  1. No. I would have did that and been done with this. I still feel the issue is what it's detecting and not the drivers age.
  2. I am absolutely, 100% sure. As stated in the OP- I've reinstalled Windows and have done speed tests via LAN and WAN. And the output from lspci from the machine with unraid running list [SiS] 191 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter [1039:0191] I would not have open this ticket otherwise.
  3. There is no means of adding another ethernet card is this style of machine (Unless you mean USB which is unacceptable.). And it has the latest BIOS version as you stated from 2007.
  4. But under windows it supports full gigabit? And has been for 4 years. After diving into this for a couple hours it seems that kernel is misidentifying the ISA Bridge ID. What it's looking for is the SiS965 and what I have is the SiS966 00:02.0 ISA bridge [0601]: Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS] SiS966 [MuTIOL Media IO] [1039:0966] (rev 59) As for the Ethernet Adapter is presents itself as. 00:04.0 Ethernet controller [0200]: Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS] 191 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter [1039:0191] (rev 01) It seems like I need to change/add the Bridge ID for the SIS966 in the kernel to match what I have. This is above my pay grade. Also, Statically setting the negotiating speed on the switch (all three - Cisco, Mikrotik or the Netgear) to 100mbit Full Duplex has no effect.
  5. Sorry. Attached. diagnostics-20200128-0023.zip
  6. In the latest build of unraid (6.8.2), I am having issues with the SIS 191. Thou a NIC is detected, but only connects at 10/100 mbit vs. Gigabit. The switch its connected to (Cisco C2970) claims the connection is gigabit. The strange thing is via the UI in unraid is shows the link speed is only 10/100. The other issue is network inconsistency, Thou I can hit the UI via HTTP, It has trouble registering and activation the trial key and downloading additional plugins/packages. *I've also tried two other switches (Mikrotik CRS112-8G-4S-IN & a crappy Netgear 8 port switch.) It can ping its local subnet, other machines on the same subnet can ping it, it can ping its gateway and various WAN sites. But anything else (i.e. software updates or plugins) it timeouts. This machine (HP EX475) had Windows Server 2012 running on it for many years and its currently connected the same exact way. Had no issues up to this point. So this seems like a driver issue of some kind with-in unraid for that specific chipset. Method used to troubleshoot. - I've reimaged two different USB Keys with unraid 6.8.1 & 6.8.2 (4 times each). Same issue described above. - I've reinstalled Windows Server 2012 & 2016 and both installs connects and reports full gigabit speeds on both ends (machine & switch and I've done a couple local machine-to-machine test and local-to-wan test. All works as expected.) - Checked the BIOS for any weird or non-standard options for the NIC (i.e. PXE or Legacy.) And flatten the BIOS to its defaults 3~4 times thinking that something was enabled or disabled causing the issue. No Dice. - For the Trial Key issue, I've triple checked the bios clock and even changed its battery. Made sure NTP was good and connected. Checked for drift. Even created a local NTP server with-in the network. Unraid reports the correct time as does the BIOS. (Firing the date command in the console presents the correct time/date also.) It still claims it can not connect to activate the key. I've also manually deleted the Trial.key file and attempt to create a 'fresh' key after reboots a couple of times. No Dice. *As a side note, in Terminal I can see a curl process with an activation key, that process seems to be hung. When I copy and reformat the command and refire it in the console I get, 'Oh noes! something doesn't seem right here' But I think this is due to the structure of the command I am sending back. Just a note that I can see it 'trying' All of the above leads me to believe there is an issue on whatever driver package uraid is using for the SIS 191. Which puts it in this limbo state of working/not working? Any suggestions on how to get this working? Or steps to update the driver? Thanks in advance.