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  1. I'm running unraid on bare metal. I believe installed the docker and only changed the directories mappings. However the docker seems to have issues connecting to my provider. Only if i click several times on "test connection" it works. Also when downloading it says the provider is unreachable. Needless to say, all the login credentials are ok and also the port, ssl and such.
  2. Thanks. I've installed the plugin and left the array to idle for about 12 hrs... came back from work today, and disk1 spins while the plugin shows the last file activity was last night... What am i doing wrong?
  3. Sorry... Unraid single parity...
  4. Hey, I'm running a 5 disk raid 5 array. My cache drive is a 10k rpm drive. My dockers are located on the cache drive (sabnzbd/unifi). My nzb watch dir is also on the cache drive. My vm is on the array but constantly turned off. Even when i force spindown disk1 spins up a few moments later. Can anyone help me?
  5. Hey, I've recently setup unraid 6b14 with Tvheadend. I can't get my old WinTV-Aero to work... and I would like to find a new USB DVB-T dongle that works with TVHEADEND and Linux kernel 3.18 since that is the unraid kernel version. Can anyone help me?
  6. Hey, i'm new to virtualizing and currently hold a Plus key for unraid (however no array is setup). I would like to build a box running several guests in order to remove my cable/computer clutter, (unraid / monowall / sabnzbd / sickbeard). I was thinking on getting a supermicro X10SL7-F and an Xen E3 1230V3 and also 2 intel nics (n360t and i350 t4). I was unable to find official support info concerning ESXI or Xen. Is the board above good for the task? does the ONBOARD LSI support passthru for direct hdd access? Thanks.
  7. Hey, Anyone managed to run subliminal on unraid? Or use it via the sickbeard plugin? And making the install stay after a server reboot? I'm a linux newbie, so be gentle Thanks.
  8. OK, i managed to install NZBGET using your ideas... Now, being the linux newbie that i am, I'm having permission issues, despite the fact i set the username in the nzbget.conf to nobody. It seems the daemon is unable to access its own /queue/ directory. Also the post process script is unable to access my name share for messing with the dled files... ERROR Wed, 13 Jun 2012 22:33:05 +0300 Could not open file / mnt/ cache/ nzbget/ queue/ 415 AND ERROR Wed, 13 Jun 2012 22:33:32 +0300 Could not start script: Permission denied
  9. Rephrase: I think that some of the commands are not being executed because i cannot see any indication for it in the syslog. also the script should install nzbget and i cannot see either the files nor the directory... Unmenu is running, sickbeard also. However all the other dependencies and nzbget aren't executed... Help ne1?
  10. Hey, I'm running v5rc4 and i followed this thread: for nzbget installation, (sabnzbd seems to hang my array). I added all the needed lines in my go script (/boot/config/go) and rebooted the server. The commands in the script are not executed... I'm kind of a linux newbie. Am i doing something wrong? go.txt syslog-2012-06-12.txt
  11. Hey, I'm running the beta14 unraid server and i've installed SABNZD as a plugin. The app installed into the CACHE drive and its data data dir is also in the cache drive. The completed downloads dir is set directly to my /Media share on the array and not the cache dir. I've have 2 problems, i'm unable to access the incomplete dir or any other dir of the SABNZBD install on the cache drive itself and also I'm able to access and read the complete downloads folder but unable to delete them, even though if i browse to another dir on the same share i have complete access. SABNZBD is running as root, sickbeard as nobody, SMB is set to Public and /Media also. I tried to set the chmod in sabnzb to 777 and also manuall do it in the /mnt/user0/Media/Work (the DL dir), but with no success. What am i doing wrong? is it from the Win7 side (i'm using the share as a mapped network drive) or from the servers side. Thanks!
  12. Hey. I'm in the process of building my new UNRAID box. This is my first DIY box. I've bought the asus M5A78L-M for my motherboardm because its cheap and has 6XSATA. When i plug 6 drives (3X3TB WD GREEN / 2X1TB Seagate / 1X1TB WD GREEN) the Bios only recognizes the drives connected to SATA3_1 to SATA3_4. The drives connect to SATA3_5 and SATA3_6 (which are located a bit further physicaly on the mobo), are not seen my the bios. This occurs with both IDE/AHCI settings. The only way to BIOS seen all 6 drives, is if i set the SATA controller to RAID. Should that pose a problem with unraid? am i doing something wrong? PS: all the drives, cables are working and there is sufficient wattage also. Thanks.