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  1. let me try to explain myself i want to install unraid from scratch since i have so many issues but i don't want to lose the media i have on my hard drive.
  2. Good morning first thank you for reading this im totaly new to this docker img world i will try to make this simple my server upgrade from qbitorrent client 4.3 to 4.4.0 and i need to go back to 4.3
  3. hace does dias he empezado con este proble lo desintale y lo volvi a intarla y no funciona remoto los puerto del roter esta abierto alguna ayuda
  4. Im new to this and i try to get sabnzb and qbittorrent to work but if i intsall sabnzb when i open it bring me to qb webui , how can i fix that
  5. cuchyto


    i got it so i will need to build a jbod than .
  6. cuchyto


    so then i will need to buy to another case and another mobo
  7. cuchyto


    Good afternoon i was wondering is there any way to combine a wd pr4100 with my unraid box , my problem is that my case only have 10 bay and i already low on storage all my drive are 14tb now and i have 4 x12tb sitting around .
  8. i have unlimited g suite and i want to sync or copy my 4 unraid share .
  9. I just want to get stared with gdrive and I would like how to move my share media folders to gdrive . My music And my kids movies
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    I would like to know how to back up my photo from my phone wireless i hear nextcloud but it seen work as drop box if i delete the photo from my phone it will sync and delete from the nextcloud . i need that work more like google photos or icloud so if i lose my phone i dont lose my pic . thanks
  11. cuchyto

    2 cache disk

    i have 1x1tb m.2 i was thinking on adding 500gb ssd so i can have 1500 cache drive since my 1tb get full really fast ,can i combine both ?
  12. How do you make a external hard drive {12tb} to array ?
  13. what is the fastest way to transfer media from unraid to mac ? i want to transfer everything to my mac and then organizer into 3 share .
  14. cuchyto

    How many

    I would like to know how many share do you have and why ? My main reason for unraid is plex Media server with automatization.
  15. cuchyto

    factory reset

    How do you delete a share or better how do you delete anything on unraid since right click doesnt gave you that option
  16. cuchyto

    factory reset

    is a pay one ,im totally new and i just messing around and now most of my containers doesn't work properly is a
  17. cuchyto

    factory reset

    I was wondering if there is anyway i can do a factory reset just a fresh start as new without delete my file{ music foto and and work file} the reason are simple i add to many share and folder and some path from my dockers i cant navigate