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  1. Wild Card has not updated the version number on I will ping Jat over at WC. and there was a problem with one of the Steam workshop writes not not incrementing the their version number at one point... the Dino storage one iirc... Sorry I cannt fix other peoples mistakes.
  2. If you are connecting via internet ip than it is likely the port forward setting in your router being set to “both” rather than “udp”. If you are connecting using your lan ip it is likely that your routers port forwards are not set at all.
  3. you should be editing /serverdata/serverfiles/ShooterGame/Saved/Config/LinuxServer/GameUserSettings.ini but the ShooterGame server does not respect the file permission mask when it writes to the gonfig files. So the safest method I have found is to stop the server container then edit /mnt/cache/appdata/ark-se/ShooterGame/Saved/Config/LinuxServer/GameUserSettings.ini from the unraid console, then restart the server container.
  4. They need to be installed on the client as well. When connecting to a moded server the client ether a: downloads them from the server or b: marks them as subscribed and lets steam down load them, I'm not sure which... as far as I know the --crossplay flag only allows Epic clients to connect to un-moded servers...
  5. @ich777 You are correct, the problem he has is that Epic has no "workshop" to download mods from. @Symon I would be interested to know if the Epic ARK client would be able to download mods by connecting to a server that has mods. Hit me up on DM if you want to give it a try.
  6. I wasn't aware the epic client supported mods. If you do not wish to use the steamCMD tools, then you will want to copy the mods from your PC (<pathtoARK>\ShooterGame\Content\Mods\) muber of the folder that contains the mod and the number.mod file, over to your unraid machine in <pathtoARK>/ShooterGame/Content/Mods/ then ether the modID in ether the Config/LinuxServer/GameUserSettings.ini as ActiveMods=2229978458,1083349027,1211297684 or add them to the docker "Game Parameters:" variable as ?GameModIds=ModID1,ModID2
  7. I would start with Ich777s ARK container, then when you catch the addiction look at my instructions for spinning up a cluster.
  8. @tabris0202 You seem to have narrowed down the problem to DNS, Yes? perhaps try using a public DNS rather than your ISPs? It is unlikely that any query requests coming from outside are "overloading" your router, the traffic generated by those requests fall into the negligible category. You (or your ISP) may have firewall or IDS/IPS that are tripping but we do not have the information to diagnose the case.
  9. @fithwum Thank you for your container! I just stood one up today. I would suggest replacing the addgroup and adduser in the Dockerfile with just this one add user command RUN adduser -D -u 99 -G users -h /foundry -s /bin/bash foundry Then in "" replace exec node /foundry/fvtt/resources/app/main.js --dataPath=/foundry/data with su foundry -c 'node /foundry/fvtt/resources/app/main.js --dataPath=/foundry/data' That should... do everything in the start script as root (fixing permissions, ect)
  10. Two things have to happen (three really): 1 Delete the port mapping and create the corresponding new ones. 2 Tell the valheim server what ports you want it to use by providing the '-port' command line argument. 3 forward the correct ports of course.
  11. With the inspiration (read thievery) from @growlith I present the A3C (ARK Cluster Companion Container). It and the accompanying XLM files should allow for a fairly simple stand up of a new ARK server cluster. Go to the github, fetch the XMLs for however many servers you want to use in your new cluster, salt them to taste with your information (server names, cluster name, passwords, adminpasswords, ect...). Good Luck and Happy Hunting!
  12. @growlith That is a good idea. I also created a companion that container that runs a lite http server to host the dynamic config files. It also monitors the ./Config directories and resets the permissions on the config files so they remain editable from the shares. And extracts backups of the ./Saved directories (on a 10 day rotation). I think maybe we should combine the functions and publish it.
  13. If you need to change any of the port mappings they need to be deleted and recreated not just changed. I would recommend deleting that container and starting with a fresh new install. I would advise that you also forward the UDP ports in from your router as well (7777&7778 by default).
  14. @growlith correct there is more to it than that code snip, I was just asking ich weather he wants to roll in my edits to his images or have me publish them as new/forked.
  15. ARK "-automanagedmods" First, I love ARK, second I hate ARK. The automanagedmods function is hardcoded in the server binary to use a copy of SteamCMD in a specific location relative to it self to fetch the workshop content, which it then expects to find in a different location than where SteamCMD actually downloaded it to, so that it can create the .mod meta files that get put in to the server rotation... To that end I have added a small amount of code to ich777's and added some variables and volume mappings to the XML to make sure that Sh