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  1. If you can see it in steam then it’s just a mater of finding it in ark, ich777 is probably right you need to set the correct options in the server selection window. You are looking for “unofficial” servers, then set the toggles for password, mods, ect…
  2. The first thing that catches my eye is that you are using /mnt/user/appdata rather than /mnt/cache/appdata for the are-se folder, depending on how your appdata share is setup it it could be moving things around under the hood on you. If you don’t have a cache setup ( you should set one up ; ) you could try using /mnt/disk(X)/appdata .
  3. They are already in the container, they are posted there for reference, so that people can see what it is they do. So long as you fill in the backup location and duration it “should” just work.
  4. Those are responsible for backing up of the ark files. Then checking the steam api for mod versions and the arkdedicated api for the server version to decide weather or not to bring the cluster down for updates.
  5. make sure that you chose "unofficial" in the drop down on the server selection and the correct toggle if you are running mods ...
  6. I was as well, my solution was to map all .../Saved/ folders to separate volumes (ARK1...,ARK2...,ect). Extra benefit is that each ark can use different configureation, I have ARK1-TheIsland dialed way down in difficulty for the new players and then ramp up over Scorched earth and Aberration... The down side is each server gets its own configuration, so want to make a "simple" change, yay get to do it 10 times! Currently the entire are-se folder in appdata is 27GB for all 10 servers, plus I have the a3c keeping 10 days of backups for all arks that totals just over 9Gb and SteamCMD
  7. I would pick one that is behaving badly, turn all the others down then concentrate on finding the flaw in that one. That will likely be the same (or similar) issue with the others.
  8. Are you using separate mapped saved directories? If not then what is likely happening is that you are running into time of issues where one server is writing to the configs while another is starting to read from them.
  9. Holy mods Batman!! If the mod makers do not publish their mods correctly there is nothing my nor wildcards auto updater can do to fix it. Your best solution would be to spin down all of the servers, update the mods manually on your pc first then update the server from your game PCs files then turn up the servers without the a3c , make sure you can log in to them all, then turn up the a3c and watch the log if it says there is an update to a specific mod and you are certain that you updated it then spin down the a3c and contact the mod author to get it fixed.
  10. Make sure to read the github artical too, I have learned alot since then... mostly by breaking things.
  11. This only affects spawns, any that were on the map will still be on the map. You need to do a wild Dino wipe to get rid of any currently on the map. Simply restarting the server will not do it.
  12. No, the container fetches all of the server files (which include all of the maps in server form). I have never encountered that issue in the time i have run our ten map cluster. I would check over your xml's to make sure that all entries point to /mnt/cache/... (except it is ok to point the SteamCMD maps to /mnt/user/... if you want). You will want to make sure that the "map name" parameter is correct they are case sensitive from what I can gather and some are ... oddly named. From // : TheIsland TheCenter ScorchedEart
  13. And this is why I am not touching ARK for a little while — Today at 12:38 PM v329.5 [Server: v329.3] - 06/03/2021 - Major server version update (Genesis Part 2 Launch)
  14. 327.10 is the current client and 327.21 is the current server. But I wouldn't be trying to set anything up right now.
  15. Nope @ich777 you hit everything I would have said... I know WildCard is in full panic mode right now with the release of the Genesis 2 DLC... there have been... snags. personaly I am waiting a few days to let them get all of that sorted before I spin up a new server image container.