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  1. great thanks again, I did run the update assistant but nothing was flagged.
  2. I Have uninstalled the sleep plugin, my system never went to sleep so forgot I had it installed, is that a known problem? will see if that does the trick thanks
  3. Hi all, I have upgraded to Unraid 6.9, I have made no other changes to my system, my server has become slow to respond and after approximately 30mins it either shuts down or goes into sleep mode no sure what exactly, all I get is an unable to connect in my browser. I have attached a diagnostic file. any help would be appreciated as I cant use plex etc at the moment, before I upgraded to 6.9 my system gave no problems apart from ones I created myself but no hardware or software changes in the last few months except for the 6.9 update. thanks tower-diagnostics-20210308-1152.
  4. Hi All, I have just upgraded to Unraid 6.9 and on reboot my Radarr, Sonarr & Lidarr dockers cannot speak to Sab, I get this error when testing Test was aborted due to an error: Unable to connect to SABnzbd, HTTP request failed: [503:ServiceUnavailable] [GET] at [] any advice would be appreciated thanks
  5. ok I have solved the problem, not sure how to mark it as solved, when I plugged my usb stick back into my server I booted into gui mode and I noticed that my dashboard had /24 on the end of my IP address, on my desktop IP with /24 on the end dashboard back to normal, something must have changed when I had my network problem. its all a learning curve. thanks for all replies.
  6. thanks for the reply Gragorg, I have been busy with work so not had a chance to have another look into things until now. I cant log into my UI so don't know how to get diagnostics otherwise, I can access some dockers when trying to input my IP if they are in the dropdown menu I can get access to Cops, Lidarr & Sonarr, the main UI has an NG inx error, I have been looking through the forums & someone with a network problem was told to delete the config/network.ctg file which would be recreated on reboot, I had a look on my usb drive & don't have that file, thought it sounded lik
  7. Hi all, I have a problem which I have not come across before, i had a network issue again where basically whatever is causing the problem which I am still not sure what the cause is, my full network can not see anything connected by ethernet, wireless still works, I think it is connected to my unraid box but am not sure, I get around this by restarting my unraid box, reset my router and reboot my main desktop, this time however the network is back up but I cant log in too my unraid dashboard. I am using the correct ip which is taking me to a cops docker web ui that I have installed, plex
  8. Zedd

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    ok thanks for the reply, I didn't want to replace it without being sure.
  9. Hi again, I am getting an error message from one of my hard drives, it looks like the error count isn't increasing but I am not sure if it is a disk or cable problem, the disk is in the array & hasn't been disabled I am running Unraid 6.8.3. I have added the smart report for the disk in question. Any advice would be appreciated Thank You tower-smart-20200517-1210.zip
  10. Zedd


    ok thanks will do, so you are saying I should be able to access the VM remotely?
  11. Zedd


    Anyone got an answer? you can take the mick at the same time, I don't mind or a sample yes or no so I know I am looking in the correct place for answers, basically every time I get to the start the VM and log in to the vnc I just have a black screen with no mouse pointer so cant go any further.
  12. Zedd


    I know this is a basic question so don't laugh, I have been following Spaceinvaderones tutorials on Lacca, Macinabox & Librelec. I am not having any luck my question is my Unraid box is in my loft and I access through the web browser, do you have to be physically connected to your Unraid box with a keyboard mouse & screen for the above to work? I think you need an idiots guide pinned somewhere in the pinned help.
  13. Zedd

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    i have to say again after not knowing which way to go and lots of googling it was Ed's YouTube tutorials that swung my final decision, so i have basically followed his guides on setting up everything i have accomplished so far, i am still making mistakes but have not enjoyed tinkering & learning so much after a good few years of not really bothering just used what i had.
  14. Zedd

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    ok thanks, I will set the cache setting to yes if that is the easiest fix, thinking back i have only had this issue since i moved my plex data folder to an unassigned ssd, but don't know how this would affect the cache, i only built my box this year after moving from whs 2011, so its all new, i decided instead of converting all of my movies to a plex friendly format, from a mce/ my movies format i would just download everything. so i have been constantly downloading for about six weeks, so far i have had the cache error message twice both times since i moved the plex data to ssd.
  15. Zedd

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    ok thanks again for the reply, I don't fully understand what is happening, I will look at the couple of fixes and keep an eye on things, from what I understand having the media share set to cache yes isn't a good idea for a share that is 95% read with very little write, is that correct? if I use the mount user0 option do I need to create a second user?