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  1. I'm having the same problem. any solution so far? thank you.
  2. Why did you use the controller card while the board have total of 14 sata port. Or they might be slow? Thank you.
  3. Very nice build. If you would pick another motherboard. Which one would it be? Thank you.
  4. Thank you very much , i have installed it and it is working
  5. Hi, the original simple features plugin used to have an (unraid stats) page which will show the CPU and Network traffic status. in the unraid v6 we have only the CPU utilization status but we do not have the network traffic (upload and download) which i think it is a good tool for further diagnostics. i have installed the darkstat docker but i like the display of the original simple features unraid stats. thank you.
  6. till SlrG comes back you may try this remove the plugin file and proftpd folder reboot but the plugin file back in the plugins folder reboot your router ! i know it sounds weird after your router gets on-line, then reboot the server to get the plugin installed. that's how it worked with me
  7. yah that's why. when i ran ps -A i didnt find other than proftpd and when i ran cat /etc/inetd.conf i have # Very Secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server. #ftp stream tcp nowait root /usr/sbin/tcpd vsftpd sorry but what did you mean by the comment sign?
  8. would you please tell me where can i find /etc/inetd.conf
  9. i tried rebooting the server but didn't help. i also tried stopping and starting the proftp, didn't help neither.
  10. Are you sure it is the internal FTP that is running? yes Is the proftpd plugin icon now present in Settings? yes Do you get the config editor window on the plugins settings page? yes May 24 01:59:53 server logger: ----------------------------------------------------------- May 24 01:59:53 server logger: SimpleFeatures 'web.server' has been installed. May 24 01:59:53 server logger: This plugin requires SimpleFeatures core webGUI to operate May 24 01:59:53 server logger: Copyright 2012, Bergware International & Andrew Hamer-Adams May 24 01:59:53 server logger: Version: 1.0.
  11. lucky i got the webserver plugin installed properly i noticed that the built-in FTP is running now. but it was stopped since installed the proftp plugin ! and the proftp is still working properly should i worry ?
  12. Have the same issue....seems to be inactive. any updates regard this matter? thanks would someone look at this matter please :'( thank you. sorry to bother. but i hope if this one is being solved thank you.
  13. One more question. How to configure the simple features Web server to be able to edit the proftpd configuration. Thank you