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  1. From morning I found I can't open the docker page, How to deal with such a situation?
  2. Hello everyone,I'm new to unraid. First sorry for my English,hope you can read what I said. Recently I'm planning to build my "All in One" server. After some research,I decided to use unraid. My hardware is following: MOTHERBOARD: supermicro X11SRA-F, which is a C422 motherboard with ipmi CPU: intel w2150b RAM: 64G DDR4 RECC GRAPHIC CARD: GTX 1080 and some nvme drives,some hdd drives. Now I'm concering a problem, I like IPMI,but I found If I plug the discrete graphic card ,the IPMI should be black screen. I'm wondering If I set the onboard graphic card as the primary video card, and do a GPU passthrough using GTX1080 to a win10 on unraid, will the IPMI and GPU passthrough all work right? I googled to search the answer, but it's really hard to find the answer, Hoping you can read my english and give me some tips.