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  1. You may want to switch the direction of the rear CPU heatsink fan It looks like they are set up to exhaust into one another.
  2. Hey, - Yes your nvme ssd can be used for temp download directory + plex data. When creating shares you'll just need to assign them to the cache drive only. - You shouldn't need to worry about mover with a typical sonarr / radarr + download client setup as the media management program handles the moving once the download is complete. Your download directory can be on the cache drive and your media directory will be on array but as they mapped inside sonarr / radarr it is not aware of the difference and will just move as normal. - Yes you will need to start with freshly for
  3. With unassigned devices installed you should be able to connect & mount your external hard drive then copy files using a GUI file manager like the Krusader docker or even CLI if your comfortable with that option. This video should cover the essentials.
  4. @trurl Just restored backup from last month, removed super.dat, reassigned disks to required slots and everything is back up and going. Thanks heaps for the tip
  5. @trurl Thanks for the tip i will try that tonight first before performing a fresh install as i'd rather not have to reconfigure plugins and stuff. Array shouldn't be able to autostart as it is encrypted.
  6. @Gragorg Thanks, I missed that part in the documentation. Will start the process of a fresh install and setup ASAP.
  7. Hey all, Today I found that my server had become unresponsive and I was unable to perform a graceful shutdown either via web interface or over SSH. So once I got home I had to do a hard reset. Once the system restarted I found that the boot mount was no longer able to be mounted on startup. I plugged the usb drive into another machine and tried to copy the config directory but unfortunately the config files and all sub-directories are returning CRC errors when attempting to copy. On a whim I also tried to image the drive but that was unsuccessful. I have a flash backup
  8. Quick update. Replaced the dodgy drive and all is good now. Thanks again for the help
  9. Thanks for the help. I've updated HBA to latest firmware and also checked all connections to drives and backplane. Ran another manual check last night and parity drive 2 died in spectacular fashion with over 7000 reported bad sector errors so i've shut down the array until I can source another temporary replacement drive locally.
  10. Sorry should have mentioned that monthly checks were originally set to correcting but have now set it to non-correcting. So monthly scan found and fixed 1732 errors on the first then 4 days later 3926 errors were found. No unclean shutdowns that I am aware of and system is on a UPS with unraid configured to shutdown if runtime falls below a set time or battery drops below set percentage. Please find diag zip attached
  11. Hey All, I've been running Unraid for about a year now but recent parity checks have returned some worrying results. I run a scheduled monthly check and for the first 8 months or so everything was fine and it resulted in 0 errors but the last few months have been getting increasingly bad; 01/04/2020 = 0 Errors 01/05/2020 = 120 Errors 01/06/2020 = 1732 Errors After this most recent monthly check I ran a manual check last night and the test returned a result of 3926 errors and also a SMART warning for one of the parity drives ("reported uncorrect is
  12. I would agree with this as docker support and the ability for hardware transcoding was the main factor in switching my home system from FreeNAS to Unraid despite the concerns around reduced speeds, multi-array support, security and all the fantastic ZFS benefits. Native driver support would be great as it would remove the dependency of relying upon the LinuxServer team as lets face it they are volunteers and priorities can change or projects can fall to the side. (I do not mean any disrespect to and are extremely thankful for all the effort you've put in)