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  1. How do I change the DNS in UNraid IP
  2. I have a unraid system that has all 3.5 drive bays and all 2.5 drive bays occupied. The system will have in it 3.5 drive bays as follows: 4 drives of 6 tb each 1 drive of 4 tb 1 drive of 3 tb 2 drives of 1 tb 2 drive of 8tb Currently being used as parity drives The system also has in it 2.5 drive bays as follows: 1 drive of 500 mb 1 drive of 1 tb Motherboard has two NVME skots currently not being used There is one 500 mb NVME drive that is mounted on a riser card that was moved from another system and is currently being used as the cache drive. Could I put NVME Drives on the motherboard and use the drives as additional storage like the platter drives? Rod
  3. I would like to see multiple arrays as well. But I would like to be able to use one array as a backup to the primary array. 1 Array for everything and the 2nd array (does not have to be online at all times) to be able to backup up important or non replaceable data. Based on my current hardware, I would like to see: Array 1 8 TB Parity 6 TB Data 3 TB Data 3 Drives of 1 TB each 500 g Data (Drive was just laying around and there is space in server) 320 g Data (Drive was just laying around and there is space in server) 8 TB Drive Used either as a 2nd Parity drive or as a Data Drive Array 2 6 TB Data 4 TB Data As a backup does not need to parity protected Just my thoughts
  4. Yes there are no ssds Motherboard will be able to have 2 M.2 drives on it So array can be used to put your data on it and keep the others as unassigned until needed in the array.
  5. They are a bunch of disks I have, but some have been used/are being used in a NAS that will be retired. I currently have a Western Digital EX2 Ultra 2 Drive bay with the 8 TB Drives. This enclosure use to have the 6tb drives which are now used in my desktop system as a backup The case that I am building in can handle up to 10 3.5 inch drives and 2 2.5 drives and possibly a third with a drive caddy where the dvd drive would be. I am using a Fractual design nod 804 I realize that some are small, but I have space in the server case and thought I would install them until they get full and then upgrade at a later date to a larger drive Anything else?
  6. I am setting up a new sever. I am new to unraid Can you use unassigned disks to create a backup? My system will have the following: 2 8tb 3.5 inch disks 2 6tb 3.5 inch disks 1 4tb 3.5 inch disk 1 3tb 3.5 inch disk 2 1 tb 3.5 inch disks 1 1 tb 2.5 inch disk 1 500 mb 2.5 inch disk 1 360 mb 2.5 inch disk a 8tb disk will be used for parity Can some of disks be assigned to the array and others used for a backup as unassigned disks? Info would be appreciated Rod