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  1. Hi! About the "Genea", does it goes to "/mnt/user/appdata/genea"?
  2. That's perfect mate. Thanks! I'll try the NUT plugin.
  3. HI folks, I changed my Nobreak APC BZ1500XLBI-BR 1500VA to the APC BZ2200BI-BR 2200 VA and I'm having "Lost communication" at the UPS Settings. I already changed the USB cable and USB port. Same thing. Please, help. Any thoughts are welcome. Attached, the diagnostic file. Thanks in advance. Eduardo asilo-diagnostics-20210528-0830.zip
  4. Hi! Thank you for your reply. You mean click on this button: And keep the same parameters of that already installed?
  5. Hi! I have Trilium installed since the first release here as Unraid App. However, once in a while, he appears at the "App Store" as "not installed" (with the icon to install). All other apps that I have installed show me the option to "Edit" the installation parameters. I suppose that is related to a new version released, but it should appear as an update, not a "fresh install". Thus I confused. Please, help because I think Trilium is a wonderful app and should be supported and have a long life! I'll become a donor at Github!
  6. Thank you for your feedback. This is what I expect from this community!
  7. Folks, I just install it but I'm stuck at this screen: Silly question: Whats the login for the admin at fresh installation? Thanks in advance! Eduardo
  8. Folks, I'm having difficulty to configure a very simple dyndns.org. There are too many options at the config. file. Could you show me where should I put my login/password and domain, please? Thanks in advance! Eduardo
  9. Hi! Any help, please Hi! Any help, please? The files are attached above. Thanks in advance!
  10. Thanks! HEre we go. Attached. asilo-diagnostics-20190613-1843.zip