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  1. Folks, I'm having difficulty to configure a very simple dyndns.org. There are too many options at the config. file. Could you show me where should I put my login/password and domain, please? Thanks in advance! Eduardo
  2. Hi! Any help, please Hi! Any help, please? The files are attached above. Thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks! HEre we go. Attached. asilo-diagnostics-20190613-1843.zip
  4. Hi Folks, for some reason I can not access any console of my apps Please, see the image attached. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance. Eduardo
  5. I suggest that the interface express it in a better way because it's not clear at all, considering the number of questions at the forum about it. Maybe use "flash / log / docker" - "1% / 5% / 52%"
  6. Hi Folks, I just install a DVD Drive on my UnRaid as you can see: No problem with this. Then, I reinstall the HandBrake with the proper parameters and I couldn't access using Firefox anymore: Same with MakeMKV using Firefox: Used to work, but now, just with CHROME. This is problem #1 Problem #2: When I try to rip the DVD to the "output" directory, with both HandBreake and MakeMKV, I have this: HandBreake uses to work fine before the DVD install, in both problems (#1 and #2). Any thoughts? Thanks in advance! Eduardo
  7. I'm sure there are. But I'm not that clever or a Linux Ninja. Thus, I don't know how to access the Pen drive once it is not a share. Thanks anyway...
  8. Hi folks, I'm using the "Fix Common Problems" Plugins, and I got this: "Multiple registration keys found". I suppose that this is because I upgraded from "basic" to "Plus", and I found at /boot/config the files "Basic.key" and "Plus.key". Question #1: those files are the reason for the warning message? Question #2: Should I get rid of the "Basic.key" file and have peace of mind? Thanks in advance. Eduardo
  9. Many cases. For example, have two different game servers (McMyAdmin app) at the same machine.
  10. Hi Folks, I'm wondering if is possible to install the same Application twice, using different {ports, paths, configs}. I'm using the "Community Applications" and there is no option of "Install". Just "Reinstall". How to do it? Is it possible? Thanks in advance Eduardo