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  1. @Rysz thank you for taking this on and for being so active and helpful here in the community. I was working with one of the NUT devs to compile support for Liebert GXT UPS with is-webcard and this older network card I had at the time - we got really close and then he / she fell off the face of the earth so we never quite finished. My UPS mostly works with the ietf MIB. I'm hoping that one of the new NUT builds will incoroporate the work that we did for the Liebert GXT line.
  2. Thank you for the heads up! Is there a way to roll back to a previous version of the plugin if you update and it breaks your UPS? I don't want to get "tech debt" by just letting the updates go.
  3. Is it possible to use this to host local files on TFTP? I have a couple of devices (e.g. IP phone) which are updated via tftp hosted files. I like the iPXE features too ... but wondering if I can also use this to allow a device to grab a local file via tftp without the whole iPXE menu, etc.
  4. Running this version now with SNMP. Appears to be working as designed! Thanks!
  5. Ahh - that shows the localhost stuff - the old version I had network as "no".
  6. Appears to have worked. Did the configuration for "enable localhost connection" get removed? I don't see it in settings anymore - but I see sensor values from IMPI so it must be working.
  7. I can find it, but when I hit "update" it installs the dmacias72 version again.
  8. hmm - trying to do the "update" method outlined in the early posts, but it just keeps re-installing the old version by dmacias72. Do I have to be on 6.12 first?
  9. Anyone using a reverse proxy and experincing this? I just flipped to Nginx Proxy Manager and experienced this again. Toggling "websockets support" immediately solved the problem in the Unraid dashboard for me.
  10. took the nuclear option and deleted the /mnt/cache/system/docker and /mnt/user/system/docker folders and I'm starting fresh.
  11. is there some way to cleanup what it has already done? Is the right way to do this with /mnt/user or directly to /mnt/diskX and then to /mnt/cache or to /mnt/user/share?
  12. I previously had a 500 GB cache drive (single disk pool) and replaced it with a 1 TB drive. I shut down docker and virtual machines, set shares to Cache: Yes and invoked mover. After mover finished I took the 500 GB drive out and put the 1 TB drive in. I flipped the shares to Cache: Prefer and invoked mover. Mover has been going for over 24h now and it has somehow managed to move over 500 GB of data back to the 1 TB drive - which makes no sense since the 500 GB drive was only about 45% full to begin with. Any idea why this is occurring? It appears to be related to btrfs subvolumes - it has been moving them for almost the entire time and somehow growing them to bigger than they were previously.
  13. I've been looking at this also - Wazuh doesn't have a Slackware Agent package available.