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  1. I've been looking at this also - Wazuh doesn't have a Slackware Agent package available.
  2. To add to this - I kept "host access to custom networks" on and went back to macvlan and all my problems went away. I do not have crashing issues with macvlan (luckily).
  3. Trying to preclear a new drive, seems to be stuck on "Starting ...". I've noticed a couple others in this thread with the same symptom, but don't see the solution. I don't see anything in the logs at all - just that I started the preclear operation and then I eventually cancel it (I let it run all night - still didn't start). EDIT: I removed the preclear addon and then re-installed it and now it is working again.
  4. @Astatine are you using ipvlan + "Host access to custom networks"? wonder if we're bumping into this? More info:
  5. Thanks! Same network. Also network topology has not changed. This was not an issue until upgrading to 6.11.5.
  6. I appear to be having the same symptoms. I'm not getting clock sync errors or anything. I can hit anything on my local LAN using IP or DNS entry (using pfSense DNS resolver), but anything that my local DNS cannot resolve (e.g. I get "Destination Host Unreachable". What's odd is I tried the same ping tests from inside a VM running on Unraid while Unraid is having these issues ... and the VM has no network problems at all. The VM is configured to use the same pfSense DNS resolver. I wasn't having this issue until after I upgraded to 6.11.5. I was previously on 6.10.3.
  7. I'm seeing the same thing here now using Edge 111.0.1660.13.
  8. I have a MIB (for SNMP purposes) that I want to add to my Unraid box. MIBs are located at /usr/share/snmp/mibs. What's the best way to add a file to that directory so that it survives reboots / upgrades?
  9. FYI - just did this conversion myself and Unraid retained my custom networks. I just had to reinstall my containers (which also retained their custom networks / settings). Painless!
  10. That one is there by default in the template.
  11. I'm drawing a blank here. I've got the template configured using Linux by Zabbix Agent and it's working great. It has discovered /mnt/cache but it is not discovering /mnt/array. It has also discovered all sorts of other filesystems (/, /etc/hostname - and some others). I assume those are related to the docker file as they seem to be detecting my docker file size. Any tips to get /mnt/array detected?
  12. You probably should remove the @dmacias plugin before installing my version of it. I'm sure there will be wild conflicts otherwise.
  13. can anyone validate that this plugin works with 6.11?
  14. Hi All. I've forked this plugin and web searched my way through getting NUT 2.8.0 and net-snmp 5.9.3 working. I AM NOT A DEVELOPER. USE THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK. I don't even know how to use Git efficiently. If you want to install this - open Unraid, navigate to Plugins, click the "install plugin" tab and paste the following URL into the URL field (next to "install") button, then click "install". If this works for you then I'm glad. If it doesn't work I probably cannot help you. It took me all day to get this working based on what I was reading in the thread here and cobbling things through google-fu. If anyone wants to take this and "make it right" or validate what I have done please feel free to provide feedback. I'm sure there are better or more efficient ways to do what I've done with the code.