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  1. So it has been close to one month now with cache disabled on the shares. Have not had a single instance of "stale file handle" across CIFS or NFS. Clearly there is a relation to cache / mover.
  2. Thanks! I see that now. I zoomed in on the "version too high" message I guess.
  3. Full output below, it's still saying 2.7.4. plugin: updating: nut.plg +============================================================================== | Skipping package nut- (already installed) +============================================================================== plugin: skipping: nut- - Unraid version too high, requires at most version 6.4.99 +============================================================================== | Skipping package net-snmp-5.7.3-x86_64-4 (already installed) +============================================================================== plugin: downloading: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/dmacias72/NUT-unRAID/master/archive/nut-plugin-2020.03.17-x86_64-1.txz ... done plugin: downloading: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/dmacias72/NUT-unRAID/master/archive/nut-plugin-2020.03.17-x86_64-1.md5 ... done +============================================================================== | Upgrading nut-plugin-2019.02.03-x86_64-1 package using /boot/config/plugins/nut/nut-plugin-2020.03.17-x86_64-1.txz +============================================================================== Pre-installing package nut-plugin-2020.03.17-x86_64-1... Removing package: nut-plugin-2019.02.03-x86_64-1-upgraded-2020-04-13,11:58:45 --> Deleting /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/nut/NUTsummary.page Verifying package nut-plugin-2020.03.17-x86_64-1.txz. Installing package nut-plugin-2020.03.17-x86_64-1.txz: PACKAGE DESCRIPTION: # NUT - Network UPS Tools (a collection of ups tools) unRAID Plugin # # The Network UPS Tools is a collection of programs which provide a # common interface for monitoring and administering UPS hardware. It # users a layered approach to connect all the components. Drivers are # provided for a wide assortment of equipment. The primary goal of # the NUT project is to provide reliable monitoring of UPS hardware # and ensure safe shutdowns of the systems which are connected. # This package includes the tools needed to monitor your UPS over the # web and it also includes the upsclient library. # # https://github.com/dmacias72/unRAID-plugins Executing install script for nut-plugin-2020.03.17-x86_64-1.txz. Package nut-plugin-2020.03.17-x86_64-1.txz installed. Package nut-plugin-2019.02.03-x86_64-1 upgraded with new package /boot/config/plugins/nut/nut-plugin-2020.03.17-x86_64-1.txz. stopping services... Writing nut config Updating permissions... Stopping the UPS services... Network UPS Tools - UPS driver controller checking network ups tools configuration... ----------------------------------------------------------- nut has been installed. Copyright 2015, macester Copyright 2020, gfjardim Copyright 2015-2020, dmacias72 Version: 2020.03.17 ----------------------------------------------------------- Updating Support Link plugin: updated AFAIK that's the latest version of NUT (outside of Git / dev).
  4. Just updated the plugin and noticed this in the log: plugin: updating: nut.plg +============================================================================== | Skipping package nut- (already installed) +============================================================================== plugin: skipping: nut- - Unraid version too high, requires at most version 6.4.99 Specifically, "Unraid version too high". Thoughts on this?
  5. I'd like to see this feature as well. I know when setting up a Time Machine share via AFP previously I could set a max size. I just went to do it on a regular SMB share and realized you couldn't.
  6. Bump. Would really like to have these suppressed. I'm searching around online, but not seeing anything non-Unraid specific either.
  7. Reflecting further on this - I don't think the issue is actually with CIFS. I have the same behavior using NFS if cache is enabled on the share. So perhaps vers=1.0 does something with CIFS to suppress the problem, but it's not strictly a CIFS issue.
  8. I think this is the key part. @sjaak had suggested that earlier I believe. I have not validated this myself, but I have flipped netbios back on within Unraid so it is available.
  9. This is exactly what I am seeing. NFS / CIFS makes no difference. Disabling cache on the share and the problem has stopped. I think it's related to mover.
  10. Also curious about this. There must be a way to suppress it.
  11. Further info - when I disable "Enhanced OS X Interoperability" the folder browses fine. Any ideas?
  12. Has anyone else come across the issue where Finder in MacOS cannot browse one folder within a share? I can browse all the other folders in the share, but one in particular ("Documents") causes Finder to hang and eventually requires me to dismount the share, force quit Finder, or reboot the system. If I try to browse via Terminal it works fine. Windows clients work fine, SSH works fine, Unraid GUI works fine. Looking at permissions in Terminal on MacOS looks right relative to the other folders / files that I can browse. This is happening on two of my Mac's, both running current Mojave. Running 6.8.2 with "Enhanced OS X Interoperability" enabled on SMB.
  13. Not sure if this is a relevant data point (will continue to monitor). I just turned cache off for the biggest Proxmox share (the backup share) and RAM immediately dropped from 86% used to 24% used.
  14. I saw that - it's not clear to me if that "enables" SMB v1 or if it "forces" SMB v1.
  15. How are you forcing the protocol to v1?