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  1. can anyone validate that this plugin works with 6.11?
  2. Hi All. I've forked this plugin and web searched my way through getting NUT 2.8.0 and net-snmp 5.9.3 working. I AM NOT A DEVELOPER. USE THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK. I don't even know how to use Git efficiently. If you want to install this - open Unraid, navigate to Plugins, click the "install plugin" tab and paste the following URL into the URL field (next to "install") button, then click "install". If this works for you then I'm glad. If it doesn't work I probably cannot help you. It took me all day to get this working based on what I was reading in the thread here and cobbling things through google-fu. If anyone wants to take this and "make it right" or validate what I have done please feel free to provide feedback. I'm sure there are better or more efficient ways to do what I've done with the code.
  3. Installed plugin and getting the following error show up in Unraid GUI (below the menu bar): Warning: parse_ini_file(/tmp/usb_manager/config/usb_manager.cfg): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix/include/PageBuilder.php(58) : eval()'d code on line 1 Thoughts?
  4. @ljm Thanks! I'm not seeing GLIBC error messages, but noted that I do need to do a reboot. I try and avoid reboots as much as I can ... but I'll schedule some homelab maintenance downtime and get it done
  5. Thanks @ich777. I was having the same issue posted by others here about failing download. I updated the plugin to 2022.08.02a and I don't see the warning anymore. Do I need to run the manual terminal command or force a download now?
  6. Agree, same boat as @jeremy.markel. Running /etc/rc.d/rc.unraid-api install solved the issue for me.
  7. +1 I've also tried uninstalling and reinstalling (as instructed by the error) and no joy.
  8. I'm having this issue now with Agent DVR. Latest update on docker hub is July 15. My installed copy is showing "up to date", but it is one version behind. When I check community apps it sees the update date of July 15. I don't have a tag, therefore should default to :latest per @Squid.
  9. Thanks! I took a look at those links, but I still don't understand the need to flash. If the H220's are already in IT mode from HP, is there any reason to flash or update them from the way they are now? Is there any reason that I shouldn't use the HP IT mode / firmware in a generic Unraid box?
  10. I have a couple of H220 HBAs that I want to put into my Unraid box. As far as I know from HP these are SAS2308's in IT mode. Is there any reason to flash / update these cards? Is there a way to validate which mode the cards are currently in?
  11. I think this is what I'm after. Is there anything I can do now to set my self up for success when this is implemented? e.g. qcow2 vs. raw? Thanks!
  12. This looks like an intersting option for VM snapshots! Will there be a capability to snapshot a running VM in future (without shutdown / suspend)?
  13. The workaround in the HA community worked for me too. Do we have any idea why this is required with Unraid? It was no issue for me to pass the same stick through with Proxmox previously.
  14. Having the same issue as Dro. On reboot it's as if the SNMP plugin was never installed / never existed.
  15. Lol not my intent here! Is there some other way I could get a VM or something to trigger Unraid to shutdown based on it being shutdown by this client? Like a bash script? I know enough about some of this stuff to think it could be done, but not familiar enough with how to do it.
  16. Understood. Hadn't considered that. Slackware is nothing like Ubuntu or RedHat, is it? As in - the chance of "it might work" is low?
  17. Not exactly what I'm going for. I want Unraid itself to be able to talk to the UPS via this software with a plugin (or something). Like someone else has done for NUT. End goal is I want to be able to cleanly shutdown Unraid via the software / UPS in the event of a power outage. Software is Vertiv Power Assist. Freely available here:
  18. Hello, I have a UPS which does not work with apcupsd or NUT. The vendor does provide a free suite of software which will run headless under Linux. Is it possible to create some sort of plugin (like NUT) so that I can use this software with Unraid? Thanks!
  19. I flipped hardlinks off a couple of weeks ago and it seems to have resolved my issues ... noting this is not a workable solution for others. At least we are getting somewhere with root cause.
  20. Turns out this feature is enabled! I could have sworn I disabled it. Once parity check is finished I'll try disabling and see if it solves the issue for me. I'm still a way's away before getting my homelab back up so I won't be able to fully test until later.
  21. My server is currently offline so I will have to validate later, but I'm pretty sure I have this off on my box as well. I'll double check and confirm.
  22. So it has been close to one month now with cache disabled on the shares. Have not had a single instance of "stale file handle" across CIFS or NFS. Clearly there is a relation to cache / mover.
  23. Thanks! I see that now. I zoomed in on the "version too high" message I guess.