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  1. Yeah i will, main issue is the 2x front fans are partially blocked by the drive cages due to lay out of the case - always been that way (new drive is at the very top so not impacting air flow by adding). I had 2x top of case fans on exhaust, so i've swapped one around to intake, so i have 3x intake (2x front and top in middle) and 2x exhaust (rear and top at back of case). Got RAM and GPU (Nvidia P400) installed and working, will see how things go.
  2. Swapped PCIE slots and it still works, so not power related. It was either the Gen 1,2,3 not being set right so the riser and card wouldn't work, or having boot allowed to pick between UEFI and Legacy that was the issue. @ich777 Thank you for supporting this plugin and for your help on here, not just to me but through all the other posts i read through last night trying to troubleshoot Now, to Spaceinvaderone youtube to finish my setup !!!
  3. Finally! Guess it was either: PCIE slot 1 and 2 not providing enough power Legacy or UEFI boot option The auto setting for PCI Gen 1,2,3 causing the riser to not be recognised (i had that with my main desktop build.)
  4. OK!!! So i put the riser cable into the one PCIE slot i had not tried yet, as it held my 2 port SATA card, and moved that away. I went into BIOS and changed "Legacy or UEFI" to just "Legacy" in the boot options, and turned the Auto PCIE speed selection to 2nd Gen. I also set to prefer Offboard GPU Dug out a mini display port to HDMI adapter and boom - logged into WebGUI direct from new Server GPU. Seeing if i can sort this Nvidia driver out now...
  5. I have just now - plugged it using the riser cable into my modern desktop, installed drivers and it was recognised fine. I ran part of a TimeSpy test and it worked fine on that, although the FPS was poor, as expected on such a tough test. Also played Doom and Arkham City on Steam and they worked. I boot in Legacy according to UnRaid flash info. So i'm sure the card works as it should, as does the cable
  6. Here you go. Log was probably just my copy and paste error. Hardware: Supermicro - X9SCM (Rev 1.11A) Intel® Xeon® CPU E3-1220 V2 @ 3.10GHz 16gb RAM Nvidia Quadro P400 v2 4x 4tb WD RED 1x 3tb WD RED 1x 250g SSD Cache 2 port SATA III card (SSD attached to it) 550w PSU My motherboard doesn't have PCIE 16x sized sockets so i picked up an ADT 8x to 16x riser cable (currently fitted) and a Dell riser card (this won't work, by GPU would lay horizontal and there isn't quite enough room with my SATA card in no go).
  7. Hello - i hope someone can help. I've installed an Nvidia Quadro P400v2 GPU into my box (UnRaid 6.9.2) and it's found by the System (along with onboard Matrox graphics): When i try and install the latest Nvidia GPU (i downloaded it, then turned Docker off then on as per instructions) i get this message: Console log has this error: I am using a riser cable as i needed to convert PCIEx8 slot into a PCIEx16 size slot. I also have option of using a Dell riser card. Are there any other steps i need to take (in my BIOS for example) to get this working? The card is recognised and works so i can't see why the driver can't see it? Thanks for any advice!
  8. so...completed Parity check fine. I suspect it was due to the sides being off and poor air circulation, the stress of the Parity check was causing something to overheat and crash things - as you noted. I will monitor but touch wood, it's running fine now (sides back on). All temps look good, no error codes in the log. Next up is adding ram and GPU, will do that at the weekend, then put case straight back together after. Thanks for your advice.
  9. Have put sides back on and put it back to normal, see if it helps.
  10. Have done a Fix Common Problems scan and corrected a couple of findings with settings (although some of them i know have been set that way since day one without issue). Parity currently at 14% check at 1hr 1m elapsed, so has gotten further than last time....
  11. Yeah - when i watched the stats the CPU never went over 20% usage, and temp around 37 was the max i saw - case itself is currently open while i mess with the drives (also adding more ram and a GPU when they arrive in a couple of days). Have 5x case fans plus CPU cool (all be quiet ones), in a be quiet 600 tower case. Drives all 31 - 33 degrees at the moment. Would it be worth swapping the SATA cable to another port?
  12. Scheduled Parity check kicked off at 1am, last log entry is: Jun 7 01:00:01 Tower kernel: mdcmd (61): check Jun 7 01:00:01 Tower kernel: md: recovery thread: check P Q ... Jun 7 01:00:09 Tower emhttpd: read SMART /dev/sdg Jun 7 01:00:09 Tower emhttpd: read SMART /dev/sdd Jun 7 01:00:09 Tower emhttpd: read SMART /dev/sde Jun 7 01:00:09 Tower emhttpd: read SMART /dev/sdb Jun 7 01:00:09 Tower emhttpd: read SMART /dev/sdc I looked in on it just now (01:55am) and it the server had crashed - still powered on, but no console\ WebGUI or access to the shares. Really, really baffled with this - mechanically everything checks out, and the parity builds fine. Why would the check just cause a crash after starting?
  13. So....the saga ends! In the end I have removed the Parity Tuning Plugin, pre-cleared, formatted and added the drive into the array as storage, ran in depth SMART test and Diskspeed tests - all passed OK, no issues. Confident disk is fine, mechanically. So I then went through the 'Shrink Array' process to remove it from the array, and then for the New Config I added the original Parity + the new 2nd Parity at the same time, then let it do the Parity build. I had the WEBGui open on my 2nd screen at while at work today and throughout the whole process to see if i could spot any issues - none, and 9hrs 46m (avg 113.8mb/s speed) later it completed and both drives are now set as Parity 1 and Parity 2, like i wanted. Very, very strange why it took a roundabout way and failed twice to start with, but, touch wood, it's done and working!!!
  14. So the troubled drive pre-cleared fine with no errors! Jun 4 13:08:10 Tower kernel: md: sync done. time=24636sec Jun 4 13:08:10 Tower kernel: md: recovery thread: exit status: 0 Really stumped now, i don't want to keep trying to add the 2nd Parity and getting a crash, in case something worse happens....
  15. Extended SMART test results attached...says completed without error? Admittedly i don't really understand what everything means, so any advice appreciated. I decided to pre-clear anyway - by the time i finish work later it will be finished and i can see if that shows any issues. WDC_WD40EFRX-68N32N0_WD-WCC7K1RL1LLC-20210603-2230.txt