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  1. Holy crap it was that easy. Big thanks mate, i was afraid i would loose my stuff. Grtz Ben
  2. Hello, I changed hardware and my unraid didnt wanna start anymore. I got booted into bios all the time.. I did some searching and trouble shooting (newbie) and noticed my hardware only supports EUFI. So i made a new usb stick, installed a clean version of unraid on it with the box uefi checked. When booting with the usb where i did selected uefi it booted just fine.. So my good usb stick i used with my old hardware isnt uefi ready.. How can i make it so it will boot on uefi system without loosing anything. I don't wanna risk loosing my 90tb of data so i come here to ask help since im not that experienced tech guy. Hope someone can help me. Grtz Ben
  3. Hi all, Im building a new and improved network at home, i started looking into a more protected network instead of some hubs and all direct connections to the modem/router. Now i want to check with someone that knows more about vlan/vlan membership groups etc then me. I made a layout in excel based on my hardware and what i understand of the info/video's i found online. Here we go... The main goal is to route all my internet traffic (no wifi) through the unraid server and make use of the privoxy function in binhex delugevpn. I exclude wifi since we don't really use wifi at home, its mainly used by guests. The modem gateway = Since the Unraid server will be the only device that would communicate directly to the internet i would put it on its own vlan. example 192.168.10.x and use the gateway so it can communicate to the modem for internet access. Then we have our wired connections for the pc's/tv's etc. Since all of those need to be able to communicate with eachother i would create a new vlan for example: 192.168.20.x and put in as gateway so it can communicate with unraid for internet access and be able to stream movies from the unraid server The camera network should have no access to the internet, ive seen a video of spaceinvader about that. Since i have a quad port NIC i would put that on a seperate port (eth1) Configure eth1 in unraid as and give the camera's static ip's /20/30/40 The access points i would prefer to connect straight to the internet without going through unraid, since its used 99% by guests. I would make that vlan 192.168.50.x => Gateway Then setup following vlan membership groups in the switch: Vlan 1 (default): Port 1 only Vlan 10 (unraid server): Port 1 + 3 Vlan 20 (Pc/Tv): Port 3+5+7+9+11 Vlan 30 (digital tv): Port 2+4+6+8 Vlan 40 (CCTV): Port 16+18+20+22 Vlan 50 (wifi access points): Port 1+21+23 Is this right? Or did i misunderstand something?
  4. im about to buy my very first UPS, so just to make sure i buy the right one i would ask if someone can check that it will work with Unraid. This is the link to the UPS.
  5. Hi all, I was reinstalling my unraid server and i can't find the Dynamix cache dirs plugin. Is that plugin officially removed/terminated? Grtz Ben
  6. Oke good, then i gonna buy that card. Thanks for the info
  7. Hi, Since my other card (intel rs2bl040) isnt good for the unraid server i'm looking to buy an other card. Now i found one: Dell PERC H310 SAS/SATA controller in IT-mode (LSI 9211-8i) Flashed with the latest LSI 9211-8i (versie Now in that post of the seller it says it wont work with 4Kn drives. Yet on google i found post it would work? Can anyone confirm it will work with HGST He8 8Tb drives? thanks Ben
  8. Ofcourse there is a lot more people on now then normally, but no upload connection at all is still weird don't you think?
  9. Hi guys. I installed DelugeVPN on my unraid and followed the video from spaceinvaders. I managed to get deluge working and its downloading at around 5-6mb, max my line can handle is 9mb ish. But thats not really the problem, my main problem is that it wont seed at all. i'm using PIA and i made sure to use a server supporting port forwarding as mentioned in the video. I selected the DE servers berlin/frankfurt since they are located closest to my home. But with neither of them i can seed. I didnt made changes in Deluge settings myself so i'm gonna post my settings in here and i hope one of you can find what i did wrong or what i should change. The only changes made in the dockersettings are the ones i was told to do in the spaceinvader video tutorial. (enable proxy/strict port forward) Hope one of you can help me out with this. Thanks Ben.
  10. @Benson I can buy a used Dell PERC H310 HBA SAS/SATA controller for 50bucks. That would work right?
  11. Hi guys, i'm here once again for some advice. First of all, i got most hardware now to build the server. (Its gonne be most hardware i already had from my last gaming rig) Mobo: asus rog strix x470-f Cpu: AMD Ryzen 2700x Ram: 2x 8GB sticks for corsair vengeance ddr4 3200MHz Now i found and order a case to put it all in: The only thing is this case has: "2x Hot-Swap backplanes with one SFF-8087 socket each" So i need a way to connect those to my motherboard. On the site they say to buy a SFF-8087 to 4x S-ATA, cross-over cable. But even if i do, i only have 6 s-ata connections on my motherboard.. Cable: So what should i do, buy a card with more s-ata ports and use 2 of those cables? Or is it better to buy a sas card instead. And are there important things to watch out for when buying a card?
  12. Thanks man, i didnt know that channel yet will take a look at it
  13. Thanks for the help dampoe, your info helps a lot. Gonna watch my local vendors and see if i can find a good deal on a better cpu.
  14. Hey dampoe, thanks for your answer! I do have some other questions. Since the hardware i have is overkill and could be used to build a pc for my daughter i might be better buying new hardware. Like you mentioned, the unraid server will be mainly used to download and stream movies/music. It would be max 2 streams at once and even that wont happen often. Besides that i would also use it to store a duplicate of my most important files from our "work" pc. After reading the specs you wrote i was thinking about this setup: -Cpu: Amd 2200g -mobo: like a b450 board with enough sata ports -ram: 8gb or 16gb? -Psu: 500w should be enough i guess. And depending of the total price maybe an NVME as cache instead the samsung 970 evo ssd i have. Whats your opinion? Would this work or would i go for a cpu thats a bit stronger? Thanks in advance for your help man, its greatly appreciated. Grtz Ben.
  15. Hi guys, I was looking for a home storage/server solution when i found a clip of Linus tech tips about Unraid. After seeing that i look up some more info and video's about Unraid and decided that Unraid will be the solution i wanna try out. This mainly cuz its looks like it has a lot of features and is easy to use for people like me that are not pc programming experts. What am i looking to do: -Store and share movies/music and be able to watch those on my main pc + tv. (For tv i gonna need plex) -Be able to run a torrent & nzb program -Use it to backup important files from the pc's/laptops. Files like excel/word document, pictures etc. Now i was wondering what kind of hardware would be the best for this. I do have some hardware i might be able to use for it if it isnt "overkill" for what i need. Cuz if it would be overkill i could use that hardware for other project like my daughters first game pc. Spare hardware: Mobo: Asus x470-f Cpu: AMD 2700x Sdd: Samsung 970 512 (maybe as cache) Ram: Nothing GPU: 980TI (but don't think we need a gpu right) Hdd's i have 2x10tb and some smaller drives, but i am looking to buy 2 more 10TB drives, and maybe more in the future when i need them. My budget for the hardware is 500-750€ (10tb drives/case not included) Ofcourse if a cheaper system will do what i want it to do, i wont complain I hope you guys can give me some advise. Thanks Ben.