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  1. I lost a few disks yesterday and am now unable to start my array due to too many wrong/missing disks. I want to just pull these disks out of the config entirely for the moment and get the array started back up. I don't believe any of my appdata is on these disks and I do have a backup from CA Backup and Restore. Can someone walk me through what I need to do in new config to have the most minimal loss of data/setup? I would very much like to not lose my plex and nextcloud instances if possible. I'm assuming I would just do a new config and check all the boxes to keep everything p
  2. Thank you for this. I was able to get everything setup using this tutorial. A couple gotchas that I figured I'd point out. The nginx-rtmp container is not available in community apps without enabling the docker hub repo. I would also recommend making it more clear that you will need to copy your crt and key from your letsencrypt appdata to the keys folder in nginx-rtmp and change the file names in the config file. Other than that, I found it very easy to follow. Thanks!
  3. Has anyone been successful in getting Open Manage Server Administrator running on unRaid? Edit - I was able to get this running. I pulled the kamermans/docker-openmanage image from the docker hub and installed it in host mode with shell. Mapped ports 1311, 161, 162 This image uses a systemctl replacement, but the script to do it wasnt running properly by itself. I changed journald to run in volatile mode and then ran the located in the root. After that I was able to browse to https://host:1311 and run OMSA operations.