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  1. Got this Working by following the Nextcloud Docs and changed a few lines in the Proxy-confs for nextcloud inside Swag like this: # make sure that your dns has a cname set for nextcloud # assuming this container is called "letsencrypt", edit your nextcloud container's config # located at /config/www/nextcloud/config/config.php and add the following lines before the ");": # 'trusted_proxies' => ['letsencrypt'], # 'overwrite.cli.url' => 'https://nextcloud.your-domain.com/', # 'overwritehost' => 'nextcloud.your-domain.com', # 'overwriteprotocol' => 'https', # # Also don't forge
  2. If you go like that you have to place the config file in the "passedthrough" conf folder. Then it should work. Just copy the conf file from github and paste it in your folder destination. the next thing is. In your Docker Edit you just mapped the wrong container volume/folders. The Container Path mostly does not match with the path you set for docker. E.g. Docker Path is /etc/nginx/ --> (mapped to) usr/mnt/appdata/rmtp/conf or so on I hope this is understandable.
  3. Hey there i'm glad you like this Tutorial. Yeah the Problem is indeed the config file. Just right after my Guide a update appeared. You have to change your config file name to "nginx.conf.template". Be sure there is no other config in the folder and then start your container. Now it should run and you have two conf files in your Directorie. If you want to do any changes in the config file, you have to do the changes in the nginx.conf.template and delete the "old" nginx.conf.
  4. Here are some impressions from my StreamingPlattform: Welcome Page with Autoplay Intro Video A Streamingwebsite with Menu
  5. ****Guide******How to make your own Streamingplattform like Twitch and Co. Project-Prolog: My Goal in this Project was to make a solid Streaming Server with a Website (in some kind of Twitch and Co.) that can only be accessed by my Friends and me and can handle up to 4 or more streams at once. So you may think thats absolut unnecessary and you are right but let‘s getting started anyway 🙂🤪 What the Heck do i need for this? 1. A good Server/Pc (in may case a Dell Poweredge R610 with Dual Xeon X5675@3GHZ and 40GB of RAM) 2. A solid
  6. So i got the Docker Container running. Just map the folder like above (without the files) and map the Port 1935. Than start the docker container, you may got an Error in Logs. Then move to your appdata folder e.g. /mnt/appdata/rtmpserver/nginx and make a text file. Rename it to nginx.conf . Open the "new" file with notepad and paste the following: user nginx; worker_processes auto; rtmp_auto_push on; events {} rtmp { server { listen [::]:1935 ipv6only=off; application live { live on; } } } Save and start
  7. I like Unraid because of its simplicity. The Price-performance ratio is at its best. I'd like to see in 2020 a Backup Solution between two or more Unraid Setups. A big thanks to the Unraid Team and greetings from Germany.