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  1. Hello Thanks for your help diagnosing the suspected drive I decided to rip all data off it and it finished around an hour ago thankfully cause I just got an email from unraid saying the disk is not OK and after a further investigation in archived notifications it turns out the disk is now flagging 147 errors So i have pudged the drive off my unraid and shunk the array for now, but 2 new 4tb wd red disks have been ordered Also an FYI the smart check still ain't completed and been stuck at 90% for a good few hours. Image below Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
  2. so a small update i ran the extended disk scan it failed at 90% saying the disk need spin up even though it was, so i decided to run a disk diags test on the drive and got the following results on disk 5 not looking good going by the stats, a huge drop then raise then drop again which is very worrying so i have started pulling everything of that drive. i have reran the extended test but tbh it is not looking good
  3. ahh ok so the seagate disk is ok for now EDIT i missed your hyperlink its ok the Seagate disk has no errors i will start it now and advice back results
  4. not fully sure how the quoting works so i will just type it as comment so i can advice after stopping all dockers the parity check has completed also mover is nearly done as well since the parity check is completed good to know it kicks in during the parity check so the receilt changes i did to unraid was setup grafana so i am not sure if this is what has causeed the read/write delays. it had no issues before this. so i looked for the errors you mentioned and i will monitor them for the next few days then up it to a week check and so on. But
  5. you also mentioned disk 5 has passed it, are you able to work out disk the parity check was on ?
  6. thank you for reviewing issues on parity like what ? i am aware the parity disk has 1 "UDMA CRC error count" error but this has been there for a while now, also this disk is an older disk. So i have just stopped all dockers, is there anything you want me to do or just wait and see if there is any change ? I am aware that my auto downloader has picked up something but this will be in my cache and not been moved into the array as of yet I can also see that it says mover is running, which if i am write to believe mover shouldn't kick in during a parit
  7. sorry full logs uploaded now i also uploaded a grafana chart to give an idea when it slowed down server-diagnostics-20210115-1040.zip
  8. Hello just an FYI I got it working I will put it down below so I am running deluge version 2.0 so the older AutoRemovePlus-0.6.1-py2.7 plugin doesn't work so after some searching I found a newer version which is built for deluge 2.0 link below https://forum.deluge-torrent.org/viewtopic.php?t=55733 the actual upload via the webui still doesn't work but see if you download the plugin and then navigate to the "/mnt/user/appdata/binhex-delugevpn/plugins" your path might be different, but once in the plugin folder just drop the "AutoRemovePlus-2.0.0-
  9. Hello sorry to revive an older post but did you get a solution for this cause i was just trying to do the same but having the same issue ?
  10. thanks I got the Plex Library Growth working. but not full sure on the unassigned disks I have attached a screen shot on the right is that what you are referring to ? This is the first time I have set this up so not fully clued up
  11. So i got UUD version 1.5 installed and all appears to be working but a few items so I have a few questions see below first question my Plex Library Growth is not working any advice see image below Second question what is the "unassigned i/o (read & write)" pulling its data from cause the writing on it is very high even though I only have 1 unassigned device and its a 16GB USB "only using 534mb out of the full 16GB" so I'm a wee bit confused since the write is shown as high as 500GB any help would be appreciated I have not removed the unassigned USB disk be