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  1. For me 6.9.2 does not work. At first it boots but after a few minutes the Nextcloud docker stops working, the shares are not reachable anymore and even rebooting the server fails (it gets stuck at the reboot counter). I need to hard reset in order to get into the web interface again. I downgraded the server to 6.9.1 and now it works again.
  2. I use Unraid as my file/ backup server with a Nextcloud docker for easy cloud access. But whenever I'm on the move and want to upload a large amount of files I use Filezilla in conjunction with SFTP since this has proven to be the most stable method to upload a large amount of files while outside the home network. Now since Unraid is configured to only support login through SSH as "root" all the files I upload using SFTP are stored with owner "root:root" and permissions 775. This contradicts the owner/ permissions of all the other files on the server which are stored with user "nobody:users" and permissions 664 (directories 2775). Is there any way I can change that behavior so the files/ folders get owner "nobody:users" and permissions 664 for files and 2775 for folders? It's very annoying always having to remember to change the owner/ permissions after the upload.
  3. Nice. Realizing one has made a mistake and apologizing for it is exactly what is needed in a situation like this. Well done 👍
  4. I'm running the beta too, primarily because for some reason the stable version would not work with my mainboard's Ethernet whereas the beta works flawlessly. I updated to beta 2 and so far nothing seems to cause troubles. I don't use VMs though. Array, cache pool, shares and docker containers (Nextcloud, Letsencrypt...) have all survived the upgrade.
  5. Great instructions, with your help I've successfully set up the OnlyOffice docker for my Nextcloud.
  6. Nobody? Is my question so out of the ordinary?
  7. Ok I found out about the CA Backup plugin. If I use it to backup the appdata share as well as the USB drive does this cover me in case of dataloss? I'm still talking about the configuration of the docker containers for nextcloud, letsencrypt and mariadb. The actual data on the server has already been taken care of.
  8. I'm currently running the Nextcloud docker container in combination with a mariadb database and the letsencrypt container as a reverse proxy (all the mentioned containers are the linuxserver ones). Everything is running smoothly so far and in order to keep it that way I'd like to frequently backup the configuration of the mentioned containers. Are there any apps you can recommend for this purpose? Or is it enough to simply backup the corresponding appdata folders? If this is indeed all it takes it leads me to my next question: The appdata folders for Nextcloud and mariadb are both located in the cache so I could probably simply backup that directory right (from the cache)? But the letsencrypt container writes its data to the storage array with the caching method of the appdata share being set to prefer. In theory this should mean that the data is also exclusively located in the cache (the mover runs daily) or do I have to backup the appdata folder of the array too? In case of a disaster: Would it be enough to restore the appdata folders and restart the corresponding containers to restore the services tho their former state? Thanks in advance for your help, much appreciated.
  9. Correction: I was able to setup nextcloud but I keep getting those 504 Gateway Time-Out messages. Is there any way to increase waiting time before the timeout occurs?
  10. Ooops, changed to yours and indeed the reverse proxy seems to work. But now I cannot setup nextcloud, when I try to do so I can start the process (enter an admin account, choose database, set credentials for database) but it will always terminate with a 504 Gateway Time-Out message after a few minutes.
  11. Guys, I'm at a complete loss here. On my Unraid server I've got a working nextcloud container plus a working letsencrypt container (for ports see screenshot). Nextcloud can be reached if I use the internal IP and over the subdomain bodenwiesli.duckdns.org I can reach the nginx server which tells me that the subdomain works and the port forwarding of the router is also active. But not matter what guide I follow (this one, this one or this one) it never works. I would really appreciate if someone could tell me how I need to configure the containers to get this working. By the way for testing purposes I forwarded incoming requests to port 80 to the nextcloud container and was able to login to my nextcloud account so I'm 100 % positive that both the subdomain and the nextcloud container actually work. But I'm not ok with unencrypted traffic.
  12. Update: I tried the latest Beta (6.9.0 beta 1) and this one works perfectly (with and without bonding). Is the beta stable enough for a personal file server that primarily serves for daily backups? It's not the only backup, I've got several external HDD's with images of my drives that I update on a monthly basis plus there is another HDD with my most important data in a drawer at the office, this one is updated every two - three months.
  13. Whats further confusing is the fact that this is a very old mainboard so the drivers for it have long been incorporated into the Linux kernel. I myself have successfully run Linux Mint as well as Fedora on this mainboard without any issues.
  14. I've already tried disabling bonding, it does not help. And unfortunately I haven't got any network cards.
  15. I want to re-purpose my old PC based on an AMD FX-8350 CPU as a file server for daily backups of my media storage. The mainboard is a Gigbyte GA-990FXA-UD7 (rev. 3.0) which comes with a Realtek onboard NIC. I donwloaded Unraid (6.8.3), installed it onto a USB flash drive and successfully booted the server. But no matter what I do I cannot get a network connection (neither by using automatic setup nor by setting a static IP) . There is an error message at the bottom of the screen (I use a dedicated monitor to set up the server) saying: "Interface Ethernet Port 0 is down. Check cable!" So far I've tried 3 different network cables as well as different ports on different switches but these are definitely not the issue here. Help would be highly appreciated as I would love to use Unraid for my file server. To facilitate troubleshooting I've attached the diagnostic files... bodenwiesli1-diagnostics-20200314-0504.zip