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  1. Thanks for looking. Woke up this morning to it down again. On but no ping and no services running. attached the logs again but what do they actually capture?
  2. OMG you’re awesome. I should prob read release notes
  3. Thanks for the quick reply. Nothing about how the share is mapped has changed. Smb mounting has been working for months. The docker has it as RW/slave. So lost on this one.
  4. Hi all recently i had to reboot my unraid box, after it came back up I noticed that plex could not see any of my media. Krusader can not see the mounted drive, and radarr can not browse the directory either. Only thing that changed is i setup a new nzgbet container and migrated settings. The prior config had a umask of 1000 the this guide called for a 000 This is an ls -lsa from my plex container. i have tried reverting the umask setting adding umask to the Krusader container Running out of ideas and my kids are missing their movies. lo
  5. Just did it again nothing happening and it locks up. Loads super slow if it loads at all. All dockers also stop responding. Anyone able to take a look at this diag?
  6. That was from the diag I just collected after the balance completed.
  7. Yea this diag was taken after I replaced the bad drive. Anything else look off?
  8. Hi all, For the last 6 months or so my unraid server has been rock solid. I started getting sector issues on one of my cache pool drives and today replaced it after it became unresponsive 3 times since Friday. I have attached the logs to see if the cache drive was my issue or if I have another issue going on with my box. Also i assume it is due to the cache balancing itself but rather than a raided 1tb cache drive my 2x1tb drives are showing a 3tb cache. My guess is it will return to normal once the balance is completed. However I notice when i click on the cache that
  9. Ok summary of what I did tonight New case bios update processor upgrade Ryzen 5 1400 to Ryzen 7 3700x New SAS card from the art of the server. everything came up just fine and is working well...however my temps are not showing (I have detected new temp hardware) just showing ∞. Maldonado control ir says to install the plugin to view logs...but it is and turned on.
  10. Just rebooted at random again. Any thoughts on where I should start to look for what the issues is?
  11. Gotcha. Much of this machine was given to me. I’ll order another stick of the same to replace the one I received with it.